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The first Class 8, Level 4 hydrogen fuel cell autonomous electric truck in the United States

During the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Las Vegas, Hyundai Motor Company, together with the autonomous driving software company Plus, announced the first Class 8, Level 4 hydrogen fuel cell autonomous electric truck in the United States. This collaboration between the two companies aims to revolutionize the road transport industry.

Hyundai and Plus have communicated that this collaboration aims to demonstrate that hydrogen fuel cell autonomous trucks can contribute to making road transport safer, more efficient, and more sustainable. The Level 4 XCIENT Fuel Cell autonomous truck is currently undergoing autonomous driving tests in the U.S.

En la imagen se muestra el camión XCIENT Fuel Cell
XCIENT Fuel Cell, Hyundai

XCIENT Fuel Cell: the future of road transport

What distinguishes Level 4 trucks is their ability to intervene in system failure situations, meaning these vehicles do not require human interaction in most circumstances. However, they do have a manual override option that allows a human to take control. Despite their ability to operate in autonomous driving mode, for now, they can only do so within a limited area in urban environments, where the maximum speed averages 50 km/h due to current regulations.

Martin Zeilinger, Executive Vice-President and Head of Commercial Vehicle Development at Hyundai, stated that the company has been driving the energy transition paradigm with advanced fuel cell technologies. Hyundai aims to provide fleets and vehicle operators with additional solutions that enhance road safety and freight transport efficiency, supported by Plus’s autonomous driving technology.

The Hyundai Motor XCIENT Fuel Cell truck, first introduced in 2020, has conducted commercial operations in eight countries worldwide, establishing a successful track record of real-world applications and technological reliability, according to Hyundai.

Plus’s SuperDrive solution is being implemented in the United States, Europe, and Australia. This system uses advanced sensors such as LiDAR, radar, and cameras to provide capabilities for environmental perception, planning, prediction, and autonomous driving.

Plus collaborates with Hyundai Motor Company in this initiative to create more sustainable and safer transport options. A decarbonized future with hydrogen fuel cell autonomous electric trucks that also improve safety and efficiency is a goal both companies support with Plus’s cutting-edge autonomous driving technology.


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