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6 truck stops you have to visit in the United States

Iowa 80: la parada de camiones más grande del mundo

These are the 6 most iconic truck stops in the United States. Do you know them? Traveling by road across the United States is an unparalleled experience. The scenery unfolding before you at every turn offers some of the country’s best views. However, in addition to natural landscapes, there are other must-see attractions along these […]

The 7 most dangerous highways in the U.S.

En la imagen se muestra la carretera de Atlanta

From Hawaii to Florida, here are the 7 most dangerous highways in the United States For many drivers, navigating long highways can be relaxing and seem adventurous; however, in the United States, there are some roads that are quite the opposite. The United States has a high road mortality rate, reflecting not only drivers’ behavior […]

Hyundai and Plus unveil revolutionary level 4 hydrogen fuel cell autonomous truck

En la imagen se muestra el camión XCIENT Fuel Cell

The first Class 8, Level 4 hydrogen fuel cell autonomous electric truck in the United States During the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Las Vegas, Hyundai Motor Company, together with the autonomous driving software company Plus, announced the first Class 8, Level 4 hydrogen fuel cell autonomous electric truck in the United States. This […]

The deadly consequences of not wearing seatbelts among truck drivers

En la imagen se muestra una persona abrochando su cinturón de seguridad

Seven out of ten truck drivers involved in fatal accidents were not wearing seatbelts During an annual research forum, the FMCSA presented the latest data on seatbelt non-usage statistics. Despite years of warnings from road safety experts and regulatory bodies to truck drivers about the potential dangers of not wearing seatbelts, a large percentage disregards […]

How to drive safe during a tornado alert

En la imagen se muestra un tornado en una carretera

For those who continue their activities during a tornado alert, there are some steps to take to protect themselves April has begun with weather alerts in the Midwestern states of the United States. A dangerous storm system is moving through parts of the Ohio Valley and the Northeast, bringing heavy rain, isolated tornado threats, and […]

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