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It was discontinued in May 2017. It will open on August 7. The details.

After being closed for five years, the Texas-Mexico crossing will open again on August 7. In this way, the land entrance of Juárez-El Paso will once again be in force.

This junction is located 17 miles from El Paso, in Tornillo, Texas. An entry of 300 trucks per week is expected through the Marcelino Serna Port of Entry. During the first period, this income will work from Monday to Friday during daytime hours. It will open from 10 am to 4 pm. An opening time that will be adjusted to the demand for entry and the number of vehicles circulating in the area.

It was in May 2017 when this pass was closed. The 117-acre project was billed at the time as the largest land crossing in the country. The idea of this step was to replace the Fabens port and the international bridge. However, it remained open for a short time until it was suspended.

“The decision was made to resume commercial services following the June 2023 completion of the Samalayuca toll road in Mexico. The new highway serves as a route for cars and trucks traveling from northern Chihuahua state directly to the border at the Marcelino Serna port of entry and bypasses traffic in the Juárez area. Following the completion of the toll road, industry stakeholders and Mexican officials approached CBP to request the resumption of commercial traffic through the port that CBP has agreed to,” the US Customs and Border Protection reported.

CBP Acting Director of Field Operations Ray Provencio detailed in the official statement: “This state-of-the-art port was built with the future in mind and can be expanded to meet the demand of the business community. CBP stands ready to meet the growing needs of international trade in our region while maintaining our vital homeland security mission.”

The El Paso field office area of operations is divided into five batches where, in 2022, 1,026,800 commercial shipments were processed. In addition to 654,213 trucks that transited the Ysleta crossing and 183,743 in the cargo lot of the Bridge of the Americas.

This sophisticated land crossing has 10 covered commercial docks, a special area for hazardous materials, a helipad, a special area for kennel facilities, single lanes that are divided into three going and three returning used only by commercial vehicles, among many more aspects.


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