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Aftermath of hurricane Beryl: heatwaves, electricity loss and port closures

En la imagen se muestra el huracán Beryl

The Houston metropolitan area faces severe challenges following Hurricane Beryl’s passage on July 8th Houston’s metropolitan areas face severe challenges following Hurricane Beryl’s passage on July 8th. The storm, which claimed several lives and unleashed catastrophic floods, left millions without electricity and exposed to dangerous heat conditions in the coming days. Until Wednesday, a heat advisory […]

Weather alerts in Texas and Colorado

En la imagen se muestra una tormenta de nieve y un incendio forestal

Wildfires devastated the Panhandle region in Texas, while Colorado is impacted by a snowstorm on its highways Last month, five devastating wildfires swept through the Panhandle, the world’s leading livestock region, burning 1.1 million acres of land, destroying hundreds of structures, and causing the deaths of over 7,000 cattle. These fires have caused disruptions in […]

Protecting trade: legislation to keep the U.S. border entry ports open

En la imagen se muestra un mapa de la frontera de Texas

This initiative seeks to safeguard U.S. trade and commerce along the border. On Friday, February 9th, the Law to Keep International Land Ports of Entry Open was introduced, a new bill aimed at preventing the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) from closing commercial entry ports. This initiative, led by Texas Senator Ted Cruz, seeks to […]

Texas-based JJ Transport files for bankruptcy days before civil trial

En la imagen se muestra un señalamiento con la leyenda "Bankruptcy ahead"

The company filed for bankruptcy just four days before a scheduled wrongful death civil trial in El Paso County, Texas. A Texas-based transportation company, J.J. & Sons Logistics, operating as JJ Transport, filed for bankruptcy just four days before a scheduled wrongful death civil trial in El Paso County, Texas. In the filed petition, JJ […]

Navigating the Storm: Expert Insights into Freight and Trucking Fraud

By Bob Dilliplaine In the dynamic world of freight and trucking, the current economic climate has ushered in a challenging era marked by a significant rise in fraudulent activities. As an industry expert with years of experience, I’m here to guide you through these turbulent times, offering crucial insights and strategies to safeguard your business […]

High-risk profession: trucking leads the deadliest occupations in the USA

The transportation and movement of materials in general claimed 1,369 lives. The most affected area of all those measured. Transportation is the sector with the highest number of deaths, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The data was extracted from the National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries in 2022 and demonstrates not only the […]

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