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Is the autonomous vehicle industry still here?

En la imagen se muestra una simulación de camión autónomo

Recapping the current state of autonomous vehicle development and deployment Much has been talked about in the last year about the future of the industry, especially with the introduction of autonomous trucks into the market. Although these vehicles are still in development and testing stages, exploring their advantages and understanding the current state of this technology will give […]

Waymo introduces robotaxis in Los Angeles

En la imagen se muestra un robotaxi de Waymo

The authorization allows Waymo to deploy and charge for autonomous taxi rides in Los Angeles for the first time. On March 1st, the California Public Utilities Commission authorized Waymo, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., to expand its robotaxi services to Los Angeles and cities in the peninsula south of San Francisco. The authorization allows Waymo […]

The present and future of autonomous trucks in the transportation industry

En la imagen se muestra una simulación de camión autónomo

The landscape indicates that autonomous trucks are on track to become an integral part of the transportation industry in the years to come. Over the past few years, autonomous road transport has emerged as a promising frontier, blending economic benefits and safety improvements. A steady influx of new companies and technology firms has focused on […]

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