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Adversities in the U.S. freight industry

En la imagen se muestra un buque de carga

The United States is in a better position to address the challenges arising from the situation in the Red Sea, according to experts. The freight sector in the United States is in better condition, according to experts, to address the challenges arising from the situation in the Red Sea, thanks to efforts to improve capacity […]

The logistics of Valentine’s Day: transporting flowers for lovers

En la imagen se muestra un ramo de flores

It’s possible that the flowers in your hands have undertaken a long journey of thousands of kilometers through an intricate global supply chain. On Valentine’s Day, not only does love blossom. Flowers play a fundamental role in what this day represents, with millions of them being sent and received worldwide. Behind this romantic gesture, there […]

Deficiencies in global animal transportation regulations

En la imagen se muestra ganado bovino bajando de un camión

The study marks the first comprehensive assessment of the adequacy of these regulations. An interdisciplinary study published in the Royal Society Open Science reveals inadequacies in the regulations of five countries regarding animal transportation. Scientists specializing in animal welfare and a law professor examined animal transportation regulations in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the EU (including […]

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