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Evaluation of electric vehicles in freight transportation, opportunities and challenges

En la imagen se muestran camiones eléctricos

A study conducted by NACFE and RMI on the opportunities for electric vehicle adoption in the trucking industry A study conducted by the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) and RMI last September evaluated the commercial performance of 22 battery electric vehicles ranging from Class 2b to Class 8 over a three-week period. These […]

Harnessing the Sun: is solar energy a good alternative to charge EVs?

En la imagen se muestra una casa con paneles solares

Charging electric vehicles with solar energy is an attractive initiative that reflects the growing interest in sustainable and autonomous solutions The use of solar panels to charge an electric vehicle (EV) is a popular idea. This is because, although current electric vehicles (EVs) do not emit nitrogen oxides (NOx) like gasoline vehicles, the energy used […]

From 1832 to 2024: the evolution and challenges of electric vehicles

En la imagen se muestra un vehículo eléctrico de 1900

The first electric car in the United States was introduced in 1832, 192 years ago Despite electric vehicles reaching their peak of popularity in the last decade, their history dates back much further than one might think. The first recorded electric car appeared in the 1800s, facing similar issues to modern electric vehicles despite belonging […]

How to navigate the transition to zero-emission fleets

En la imagen se muestra un camión de cero emisiones

5 steps to take before, during, and after acquiring zero-emission vehicles The new regulations for the implementation of zero-emission vehicles have led fleet owners to feel pressured by the imminent change. The transition and the possibility of abandoning diesel trucks result in stress and confusion for those seeking to comply with the new requirements, as […]

Why don’t drivers want to buy electric vehicles?

En la imagen se muestra un vehículo eléctrico

7 reasons why consumers put limitations on EV purchases The popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) has experienced a significant increase in recent years, driven by technological advancements and growing environmental awareness, especially in the United States. Despite the expansion of charging stations and improvements in accessibility for EV drivers, some doubts persist among certain drivers […]

Environment and freight transport: results of electrification and automation

En la imagen se muestran camiones eléctricos siendo cargados

The University of Michigan study indicates that the combination of automation and electrification can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions The University of Michigan has published a new study, which concludes that the automation and electrification of long-haul road transport could reduce urban health and environmental damage. Released on April 22, the study finds that air […]

States seek to eliminate the sale of fossil fuel vehicles by 2035

En la imagen se muestra un camión con gases

States that have implemented regulations to achieve 100% zero-emission vehicles The path towards vehicle electrification still has a long way to go; however, some states in the U.S. are taking decisive steps to drive the transition towards phasing out fossil fuel vehicles. A prominent example is California, which has implemented the Advanced Clean Cars II […]

Volvo ends its diesel era with the XC90

En la imagen se muestra el vehículo XC90

The XC90 was the last diesel model manufactured by Volvo Car AB Volvo Car AB has marked the end of an era. This week, the automotive company has concluded the production of its last diesel-powered vehicle. From now on, Volvo plans to focus exclusively on manufacturing electric vehicles until the year 2030. The XC90 was […]

Electrifying the U.S. commercial truck fleet could cost nearly a trillion dollars

The study estimates charging infrastructure costs for fleets at an average of $145,000 per heavy-duty vehicle According to a study commissioned by the Clean Freight Coalition (CFC), electrifying the entire fleet of commercial trucks in the United States could cost nearly a trillion dollars. The study breaks down the initial costs for the commercial and […]

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