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Shifts in automotive technology: Waymo and Mercedes-Benz

En la imagen se muestra una simulación de vehículos autónomos

While Google withdraws autonomous vehicles, Mercedes Benz reinforces its combustion vehicles. In recent years, automotive technology has experienced significant advancements, but it has also faced challenges that hinder progress toward the future. An example of this can be seen with Waymo, the autonomous car division of Alphabet (Google’s parent company). On February 13th, Waymo issued […]

Welcome Age of Aquarius!

Welcome Age of Aquarius!

Profound transformations, social changes and innovation. The planet Pluto entered the sign Aquarius on January 20 and began what many schools of astrology call: the Age of Aquarius. What is this? It is an astrological event that happens no less than every 248 years and that, each time it happens, generates radical changes in humanity. […]

Briefs: broker rule, Buy America exemption rejected, and U.S. diesel prices.

En la imagen se muestran vehículos transitando por carretera

FMCSA issues new broker rule, House rejects “Buy America” exemption, and diesel prices remain stable. FMCSA establishes new regulations for brokers. In November, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued a final rule on the financial responsibilities of brokers and freight forwarders. This regulation, aimed at enhancing broker safety regulation, took effect on Tuesday, […]

$623 million investment in electric vehicle infrastructure

En la imagen se muestran vehículos eléctricos siendo recargados

These grants will support 47 charging stations and related projects in 22 states and Puerto Rico. The Biden administration will allocate $623 million in grants to boost the construction of a national electric vehicle charging network. Announced on January 11, these grants will support 47 charging stations and related projects in 22 states and Puerto […]

Tesla’s range adjustments in response to new government regulations

En la imagen se muestra un vehículo de color negro, en una estación de recarga de la marca Tesla.

Tesla has recently lowered the estimated range for variants of its X, S, Y, and 3 models. Tesla has reduced the estimated range of its electric vehicles in response to new government regulations in the United States. The company has previously been criticized for providing inflated figures, leading to customer complaints and drawing the attention […]

Autonomous trucks: the promise and controversy of the future

En la imagen se muestra una simulación de camión autónomo sin conductor

The integration of autonomous trucks into our transportation landscape sparks both anticipation and skepticism. Despite objections, three emerging companies—Aurora Innovation, Kodiak Robotics, and Gatik AI—are seeking to deploy autonomous trucks on Texas roads, bypassing the need for safety drivers. These companies, backed by extensive testing, employ software and various sensors, including cameras, radar, and lidar. […]

Aurora and Continental conclude first stage toward large-scale autonomous transportation

En la imagen se muestra un camión estacionado de Aurora, color azul

With plans to commence production in 2027, this partnership lays the foundation for the development of the world’s first scalable autonomous transportation system. Continental and Aurora Innovation, in an exclusive collaboration, have successfully concluded the initial phase of designing the Aurora Driver, a Level 4 autonomous driving system according to the SAE standard. With plans […]

States Challenge FHWA’s Emission Performance Measures

En la imagen se muestra una señal de alto con la leyenda "CO2"

States argue that they lack the necessary authority to assess such emissions. Performance measures related to emissions continue to generate debate, controversy, and legal conflicts with the Biden administration. A few months ago, it was revealed that several states were preparing a lawsuit to challenge the established provisions. Both state transportation departments and metropolitan planning […]

Summary of the Road Transport Outlook for 2024

En la imagen se muestran dos cubos de madera indicando 2024

The landscape for road transport in 2024 is complex and dynamic. As the current year comes to a close, the road transport sector stands at a crucial point of reflection and anticipation, marked by a series of significant challenges and opportunities. 2024 unfolds as a year of intricacies and innovations that could notably impact the […]

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