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Severe storm and possible flooding in the state of California

Authorities issue evacuation warnings for severe storms on the west coast. The storm known as “Pineapple Express,“ originating from Hawaii in the tropical Pacific, has swept over the West Coast of the United States, causing torrential rains and strong winds, with a potential threat of flash floods and landslides. Rain began on Thursday morning and […]

Winter road hazards: crash on Highway 401 and how to prevent accidents

En la imagen se muestra un camión volcado en la nieve

A truck lost control on Highway 401 and crashed into a frozen swamp near Milton. Winter is a season that brings risks for drivers navigating roads in extreme weather conditions. It is necessary to take precautions to preserve the safety of those driving and sharing the roads in such climates. On Monday night, snow claimed […]

Weight limits for truck safety on the road

En la imagen se muestra un camión con carga pesada

Overly heavy trucks can pose dangers if not handled properly. The legal weight limits for trucks are primarily regulated at the federal level, with national standards setting a total limit of 80,000 pounds for semi trailers and trailers without a permit, although the limits may vary by state. Maintaining a truck’s legal weight can be […]

Exemptions and safety protocols for truckers amid extreme weather conditions

En la imagen se muestra un camión navegando una carretera rodeada de nieve

Emergency proclamations from states that have established longer-duration emergency orders. State governors have issued emergency proclamations exempting fuel-carrying truckers from federal hours of service requirements to prevent shortages and safeguard the population from extreme weather conditions. Below are the details of emergency proclamations from states that have established longer-duration emergency orders. Driver safety is paramount, […]

The importance of avoiding overloading trucks

En la imagen se muestra un camión siendo cargado con cajas

Excess weight on a truck can have various implications for drivers, the company, and even the vehicle itself. The significance of a truck’s weight is often underestimated. An overloaded truck poses significant risks, from jeopardizing operational safety to affecting overall efficiency. Excessive weight on a truck can lead to diverse consequences for drivers, the company, […]

Cyber-attacks on public transport offices on the rise

En la imagen se muestran unas manos utilizando una latptop, con signos de candados indicando un ciberataque

Intruders attempt to psychologically manipulate employees and contractors to obtain confidential information. Public transportation offices are witnessing a surge in social engineering cyberattacks, where intruders attempt to psychologically manipulate employees and contractors to gain confidential information. During a roundtable at the annual Transportation Research Board meeting on January 8, experts shared examples of these sophisticated […]

Briefs: 2024 updates on lane change and speed limits, plus fuel prices stability

En la imagen se muestra una carretera con vehículos circulando

Updates on the second week of 2024. Kentucky and Ohio expand traffic regulations. In Kentucky, a legislative priority focuses on revising state lane change regulations. A proposed bill in the House aims to include Kentucky in the states extending lane change rules to cover all road users. Representative Mary Beth Imes sponsors HB19, seeking to […]

A quick guide to healthy eating for truckers

En la imagen se muestra un hombre sosteniendo un sándwich y un termo de café, sentado frente al volante de un camión

Improve your eating habits and stay healthy on your trips. One of the main challenges faced by truck drivers is related to health. Staying fit and healthy becomes a daily task that, at times, proves difficult for truckers due to the long hours spent on the road and the limited options of food and beverages […]

Commercial vehicle insurance: a quick guide for business protection

En la imagen se muestra una mano con el pulgar arriba, reflejada en un espejo retrovisor

Secure your equipment, inventory and employees inside commercial vehicles Several companies require commercial vehicle insurance, including contractors, real estate agents, and transportation services where driving for commercial purposes is part of daily operations. This essential coverage protects vehicles in the event of an accident and, with the right coverage, ensures equipment and inventory inside the […]

Driving Success in 2024: Essential maintenance steps for optimal truck performance

En la imagen se muestra un mecánico sonriendo

Essential steps to keep vehicles in top condition and ensure a successful 2024 in the transportation industry. The new year brings with it the need for crucial maintenance to ensure optimal truck performance, crucial for the smooth flow of goods locally and internationally. Beyond preventing costly breakdowns, regular maintenance protects operators from potential legal implications […]

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