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Roadside recipes and essential tools for healthy eating on the go

En la imagen se muestra un hombre metiendo comida a un microondas

Easy meals and kitchen utensils every trucker must know For truck drivers, spending long hours on the road can make it difficult to find healthy and tasty food options. While eating at truck stops or fast food restaurants is convenient, quick, and easy, it can become monotonous and expensive. If you’re tired of spending money […]

Driving towards health: addressing obesity in the trucking industry

The sedentary nature of the job, irregular schedules, and limited access to healthy food options are major contributing factors to obesity Obesity is a global health concern that affects individuals across various professions and social statuses. However, the trucking industry faces unique challenges contributing to high obesity rates among its workers. The sedentary nature of […]

Tips for truckers: stay active on the road

En la imagen se muestra un hombre ejercitándose

Allocating at least half an hour daily to simple exercises or a walk can make a difference Long working hours pose a significant obstacle to maintaining health, especially for truck drivers. Not only do they dedicate most of their time to work, but the nature of their job prevents them from having fixed places for […]

FMCSA to recall medical examiners for failure to register

En la imagen se muestra un médico utilizando una tableta

Approximately 15,727 medical examiners have not accessed their accounts in the National Registry. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced on January 24 its intention to disable over 15,000 doctors responsible for certifying the health of truck drivers. According to the statement published in the Federal Register, the FMCSA states that most of these […]

A quick guide to healthy eating for truckers

En la imagen se muestra un hombre sosteniendo un sándwich y un termo de café, sentado frente al volante de un camión

Improve your eating habits and stay healthy on your trips. One of the main challenges faced by truck drivers is related to health. Staying fit and healthy becomes a daily task that, at times, proves difficult for truckers due to the long hours spent on the road and the limited options of food and beverages […]

Prioritizing health: wellness challenges in the trucking industry

En la imagen se muestra un estetoscopio, junto a una ficha médica

Truckers are prone to developing chronic diseases due to the inherent conditions of their work. Statistics reveal that truckers, often overlooked in terms of health, are among the least healthy groups in the active population. This new year presents a crucial opportunity for the transportation sector to emphasize the importance of the health and safety […]

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