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Briefs: Infrastructure projects and employment trends

En la imagen se muestra la Interestatal 90

Washington eases traffic on I-90, New York upgrades navigation systems, and industry employment stats in June Washington: project to ease traffic on Interstate 90 Washington’s Department of Transportation is enhancing the interchange between Interstate 90 and Route 18 to alleviate congestion in the Snoqualmie Valley, one of the state’s busiest areas. The project includes a […]

Fentanyl Testing for Truck Drivers: how the test works and what’s known

The SAMHSA estimates that the inclusion process could take more than a year A federal drug advisory group has initiated the extensive process of adding fentanyl to the list of substances subject to drug testing for federal employees and truck drivers. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) estimates that the inclusion process […]

3000 years BC: the history of insurance is much older than is believed

The Egyptians, Phoenicians, Babylonians, Romans and Greeks… All of these great civilizations invented the insurance we know today. Is insurance a kind of contract established in modernity? When did they emerge? Because? Researchers from the University of Cuyo, Argentina, determined that – although it is difficult to define the exact date – the beginning of […]

New loading port for heavy trucks announced in Long Beach

This depot will be capable of providing high-speed loading infrastructure for hundreds of trucks daily. Forum Mobility, a freight and freight transportation electrification provider, announced that it plans to build a new freight depot for heavy trucks to be located in Long Beach. This depot will be able to provide high-speed charging infrastructure for hundreds […]

Volvo Trucks recalls 2018-2024 models over passenger seat safety concerns

This marks the second instance in the last three months that Volvo Trucks has issued a recall for its vehicles. According to documents from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Volvo Trucks North America is recalling certain 2018-2024 VN, VNR, and VHD trucks after discovering an issue with the passenger seat. The vehicles do not […]

Smart Cameras in Trucks: optimizing safety and efficiency in freight transportation

Providing a comprehensive view, offering assistance, and fostering operational improvements are key objectives. The widespread use of cameras in freight trucks has seen a significant increase by fleets, increasingly opting for the installation of both external and internal cameras in their vehicles. This practice not only supports drivers but also reduces risks, providing value beyond […]

Ohio, Indiana and Michigan: transportation updates across Midwestern states

Ohio to invest $700,000 in road improvement program, Indiana’s suspension of service hours for propane carriers and Michigan to implement speed ticket cameras. Ohio: Department of Transportation to invest $700,000 in road improvement program The Ohio Department of Transportation is investing $700,000 in a program aimed at enhancing road conditions throughout the state. The department […]

Trucker’s experience: the 7 best scenic routes in America

According to truck drivers, these are the most scenic drives in the U.S. For those who spend their days driving back and forth from state to state, finding beauty in the mundane is a must. Whether you’re traveling along the California coastline, amidst the autumn foliage in the Northeast, or anywhere in between, some of […]

More robots than humans: UPS presented how Velocity, its new warehouse, will work

At New UPS Warehouse, Robots Will Outnumber People 15 to 1. UPS Inc. just opened its newest and largest warehouse, UPS Supply Chain Solutions Velocity, a 20-acre facility located outside of Louisville, Kentucky. In addition to the size, there is another peculiarity in this new facility: most of the workers will be robots. The large parcel […]

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