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This depot will be capable of providing high-speed loading infrastructure for hundreds of trucks daily.

Forum Mobility, a freight and freight transportation electrification provider, announced that it plans to build a new freight depot for heavy trucks to be located in Long Beach. This depot will be able to provide high-speed charging infrastructure for hundreds of trucks daily, in order to support the industry’s transition to a zero-emission fleet.

Matt LeDucq, CEO and co-founder of Forum Mobility, says the company is building infrastructure designed specifically for heavy-duty trucks. He says that with the support of this new loading port, the FM Harbor depot will be able to offer shippers a key and affordable solution to comply with California Air Resources Board regulations. “Forum is building a network of refill depots at ports, along freight corridors and near distribution centers to serve owner-operators and shippers of all sizes,” adds LeDucq.

The company assures that currently transporters are already reserving chargers in this new Forum Mobility depot, since its strategic location places it next to the terminals.

Talon Logistics Inc., a national trucking company based in China, California, has already secured exclusive cargo at FM Harbor. Emmanuel Carrillo, CEO of this company, assures that the complete and dedicated cargo within the port of this warehouse in Long Beach, makes them pioneers and places them in front of the competition, and confirms that the location of FM Harbor is strategically thought out, since that daily around 7,000 thousand trucks enter the Port of Long Beach.

By 2035, the California Air Resources Board will require California’s entire transportation fleet to be zero-emission. To achieve the success of regulations like Advanced Clean, the California Energy Commission estimates that approximately 157,000 chargers will be needed for medium and heavy vehicles by 2030.

The charging depot at the Port of Long Beach will offer a total of 19 360 kW dual-port chargers and six 360 kW single-dispenser chargers, capable of charging 44 trucks simultaneously, offering full Class 8 electric truck charging in Approximately 90 minutes, depending on the size of the battery.

The FM Harbor depot will have all the necessary personnel, and the first section of eight cargo depots is expected to come into operation in the next 10-20 months, with the capacity to load approximately 600 trucks simultaneously.


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