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Ohio to invest $700,000 in road improvement program, Indiana’s suspension of service hours for propane carriers and Michigan to implement speed ticket cameras.

Ohio: Department of Transportation to invest $700,000 in road improvement program

The Ohio Department of Transportation is investing $700,000 in a program aimed at enhancing road conditions throughout the state. The department is developing a system to assess road conditions and identify potential hazard zones. 

In collaboration with the University of Cincinnati, i-Probe Inc., and Parsons, Honda will lead this two-year project, an extension of a 2022 pilot program by the Honda Research Institute. The pilot program evaluated a road condition monitoring system using GPS coordinates and cameras to collect real-time data.

The goal of the project is to evolve transportation by exploring new ways to apply technology for optimized driving spaces. The project aims to enhance road safety, reducing expenses associated with vehicle damages caused by risks on nearly 50,000 miles of lanes and 45,000 bridges across the state.

According to the Ohio Department of Transportation, the system will be used to detect early irregularities such as potholes and deteriorated guardrails, enabling maintenance teams to act promptly and make necessary repairs before road conditions worsen.

The project’s focus will address all road conditions affecting drivers, including signage deterioration, potholes, pavement conditions, damage to containment systems, and the state of road shoulders.

Upon the project’s completion in two years, the Department of Transportation will evaluate long-term possibilities and its potential use for future operations.

Indiana: Suspension of hours of service for propane transport drivers

Due to the demand for propane in Indiana exceeding local supply, Governor Eric Holcomb announced the suspension of service regulation hours for propane carriers in the state until December 4.

Through an executive order issued on November 8, Holcomb emphasized that propane providers are already facing supply shortages, long queues at terminals, and logistical challenges.

The governor stated that the suspension of certain Hours of Service (HOS) regulations for propane truck drivers will help ensure proper distribution in Indiana, mitigating the adverse effects of any shortages.

Under the executive order, carriers and drivers transporting propane in Indiana are exempt from the regulations of 49 Code of Federal Regulations 395 during the order’s duration.

The exemption applies to local county roads, state highways, and interstate highways. Drivers under this order are not required to carry a copy of it.

Michigan: speed ticket cameras set to be implemented statewide

The implementation of speed ticket cameras in the Michigan statehouse could introduce these devices statewide. Currently, no communities in the state use red-light or speed cameras, as Michigan law requires law enforcement to witness violations.

According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, more than 200 communities nationwide use speed cameras to penalize drivers who violate traffic rules.

If implemented, owners of vehicles caught traveling at least 10 mph above the posted speed limit would receive violation notices by mail.

First-time offenders would receive a written warning by mail. Repeat offenders with violations within three years would face fines up to $150. Subsequent offenses within the same timeframe would result in fines up to $300.

The use of speed cameras would be authorized in affected areas when construction workers are present, and a sign must be posted 1 mile before the start of a work zone to notify drivers about the use of automated enforcement.

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