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Based on investment, quality and accident rate, these are the states with the best roads

The United States prides itself on its extensive network of roads traversing diverse landscapes, from majestic mountains to vast plains and deserts. However, not all roads are equal in terms of quality and safety for drivers. ConsumerAffairs, relying on data provided by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, has conducted a comprehensive analysis of states known for offering the best roads in the country. Here are the top seven states with the highest-quality roads in the United States.

7. Idaho

Despite its challenging mountainous terrain, Idaho’s rural roads receive praise for their smoothness and excellence, as the state allocates nearly its entire road improvement budget to these enhancements. The state has ambitious infrastructure investment plans, with a Transportation Investment Program proposing 1,000 projects over the next seven years, totaling $4.85 billion. Although urban roads present challenges with an 11% in poor condition, Idaho is committed to continuous improvement, with an annual expenditure of $1.196 billion.

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6. Florida

In Florida, a generous budget of over $10 billion for road improvements ensures that the majority of rural and urban roads in the state remain in excellent condition. Only 1% of rural roads and 5% of urban roads are rated as in poor condition. Residents have varied opinions on the roads, with a clear need for improvements, especially concerning road safety. Despite facing high rates of fatal accidents per mile traveled and significant tourism pressure.

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5. Vermont

Despite having the lowest maintenance budget in the country, Vermont efficiently manages its resources. Its low rate of fatalities per kilometer traveled, the lowest in the United States, is attributed in part to Vermont’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan. Still, residents express that their roads could improve, reflecting the need to optimize fund utilization. The state allocates $579.794 million annually for road improvement.

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4. New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s rural roads stand out with only 3% in poor condition. However, the state’s urban roads aren’t as fortunate, with 9% in poor condition. The complexity of funding state roads is a challenge, relying on federal and state funds, mainly from fuel taxes. With a fatality rate of 0.869 per mile and an annual road improvement expenditure of $628.307 million, it ranks fourth on the list.

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3. Indiana

Indiana maintains a low fatality rate per mile traveled despite high traffic generated by its location at the intersection of several interstate highways. With less than 2% of its rural roads in poor condition, the state prioritizes maintenance with a significant portion of its budget allocated to improvement projects. Indiana residents rate their roads as “quite decent” and “easy to drive.” Annual road improvement spending reaches $3.722 billion.

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2. Alabama

In Alabama, according to roughness indices, only about 1% of over 2,500 miles of rural roads are in poor condition. Residents note some roads have been recently renovated, although urban areas often complain more about potholes. Significant improvements have been made thanks to the Rebuild Alabama Act, allocating $2.25 billion for local projects since its establishment in 2019. Annual road improvement spending amounts to $2.112 billion.

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1. Minnesota

In Minnesota, roads stand out for their safety and smoothness despite challenges like cold weather and snow. With the top ranking, the state boasts a low fatality rate per kilometer traveled and an extensive network of rural roads, efficiently managing its budget. Residents praise the road quality, highlighting good maintenance and width. Statistics support these claims, with a low percentage of roads in poor condition in both urban and rural areas. The state allocates $4.284 billion annually to improve its roads.

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