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Discover classic trucks that resemble the typical Christmas truck.

If there’s a vehicle that reminds us of Christmas, it’s definitely the classic red truck carrying a Christmas tree in the midst of a snowstorm. This red Christmas truck appears in ornaments, cushion designs, wall decor, wrapping paper, and even in real life during Christmas parades with Santa Claus at the wheel.

The little red truck doesn’t belong to any specific automaker; however, if your Christmas dream is to recreate the magic of this truck, below you can find different car models that could help you make it a reality.

Ford F-100

The original Ford F-100 is one of the best examples. First seen in 1953, it features a horizontal grille that incorporates its large headlights. To turn the F-100 into its Christmas truck form, simply paint the grille white to match with stylish white-wall tires.

Chevrolet 3100 Advance Design

In 1947, Chevrolet introduced an unforgettable truck characterized by its horizontal five-bar grille, a more rounded design, and headlights integrated into the fenders. Something that contributes to its recognition as one of the most popular variants of the Christmas truck is likely its heating system.

Volvo Sharpnose

The Volvo LV101-112, also known as Sharpnose, was introduced for sale in 1938. Its design resembles more of a cargo truck, making it perfect for transporting Christmas gifts.

Ford Model 50

The iconic Ford Model 50 truck is often seen as the red Christmas truck. First launched in 1935, it features a redesigned design to fit the automotive standards of the time. Its white-wall tires give a festive touch to this more elegant version of the red truck.

Chevrolet Half-Ton Pickup

This was the first truck developed with the assistance of Chevy’s new Art and Color Department, which gave it that red hue that reminds us of Christmas. Its wide fenders and side headlights are distinctive design elements in numerous Christmas truck decorations.

Ram 1500

To bring us up to date, we have the more modern version of what could be the red Christmas truck in 2023. The Ram 1500 can be found in Christmas red, and with minor modifications, such as a tire change, it could become the current Christmas truck.

Ram 1500, ram.com

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