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Women in Motion aims to make an impact on all women within the transportation industry.

Women in Motion returns under the American Trucking Associations (ATA). This group, initially introduced in June 2022, focuses on the specific advocacy for women in the trucking industry. It was initiated by women members of the ATA who recognized the need for a women-centered organization in the industry. Its goal is to make a positive impact in the sector.

Nikki Thomas, ATA’s Vice President of Industrial Affairs and spokesperson for Women in Motion (WIM), highlights that while the group’s initial objective was to effect change that would satisfy its female members, there was a lack of concentrated effort during its inception in 2022. In response, the group has been reconstituted with the current priority being to establish strong support for women within the industry. This involves raising awareness among all members and addressing the specific needs of women in trucking.

En la imagen se muestra una mujer de la industria del transporte

Women in Motion aims to make an impact on all women within the industry. Through networking and advocacy efforts, it seeks to bring about real and lasting change for future generations. Additionally, it aims to show women that the industry is willing to listen to their contributions, ideas, and voices, Thomas asserts.

Activities for change with Women in Motion

WIM plans to launch a mentoring program to achieve its goals. This program provides women in the industry with the opportunity to serve as mentors, thus giving back the support they have received. Current mentors include drivers, executives, C-suite personnel, and directors from companies such as Hirschbach, XPO, Inc., Boyle Transportation, Kansas Motor Carriers Association, among others.

In addition to this valuable program, the group also provides numerous networking opportunities, allowing members to connect with others who share similar experiences in a predominantly male-dominated sector. This enables women to see other women who are part of the industry, thus fostering a strong and supportive community for them.

Another primary goal of Women in Motion is education. To achieve this, the group plans to offer quarterly webinars in 2024, designed based on the interests and opinions of its members to select the most relevant topics.

A warm invitation is extended to all members of the transportation industry, especially women, to join Women in Motion. By creating an environment that promotes gender diversity, safety, and mutual support among its members, it contributes to enriching the sector. This is achieved through advocacy, educational opportunities for women, and raising awareness about the specific needs of women in the transportation industry.


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