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6 bridge collisions in the United States

En la imagen se muestra el accidente del puente Big Bayout Canot

Incidents between ships and bridges that have left their mark on maritime transport On March 26th, the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore collapsed after colliding with a 948-foot-long container ship, which lost power during its journey. The incident led to the closure of one of the busiest ports in the United States, while rescue […]

The journey of trucking in the United States

En la imagen se muestra un camión de 1940

A brief history of the progress and development of trucking in the U.S. The history of road transportation in the United States is a tale of technological progress and labor development spanning over a century. From the early trucks that emerged in the late 19th century to the present day, this evolution has been a […]

California: Senate bans driverless autonomous trucks on roads

For and against. Should these giants be tested on state roads? In full development of laws and proposals that seek to place electric trucks in the State, a project wants to completely stop large and autonomous trucks that circulate without a driver on the roads. In 2015 this prohibition became clear. But a state law […]

How do high temperatures affect your fleet or truck?

The machines are severely damaged when summer hits and the heat exceeds its marks. What you should check. The human body is not the only one affected by high temperatures. The machines also “suffer”. How to take care of your commercial vehicle? There are several recommendations to keep in mind: Water for the body, coolant […]

Mexico-Texas truck crossing opens

It was discontinued in May 2017. It will open on August 7. The details. After being closed for five years, the Texas-Mexico crossing will open again on August 7. In this way, the land entrance of Juárez-El Paso will once again be in force. This junction is located 17 miles from El Paso, in Tornillo, […]

Cyberspace pirates: the most insecure passwords of truckers

123456? The name of the year? Favorite sporting event? The name of the company? If your answer is yes, you are in trouble. The gateway to everything. This is how passwords could be defined today. Access to cards, the bank, love life, social, among many more. Hackers and big data corporations accumulate power while the […]

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