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123456? The name of the year? Favorite sporting event? The name of the company? If your answer is yes, you are in trouble.

The gateway to everything. This is how passwords could be defined today. Access to cards, the bank, love life, social, among many more. Hackers and big data corporations accumulate power while the user tends to think they are safe when in fact they are not. This point is made clear in research conducted by password manager NordPass and published in the Commercial Carrier Journal.

In an effort to remember, many truckers, businessmen and drivers look for words that they can guess, in case they forget, or that they always remember. But there is more, the same transport and logistics companies favor these passwords that can lead more than one to economic collapse. Words like “passwords” or “123456” are still chosen as access keys to everything private or corporate. What is known as poor passwords.

Jonas Karklys, CEO of NordPass clarified that even the richest companies forget to invest in cybersecurity and that unhealthy password habits are still entrenched in the general population. A point of view that confirms with data: almost a third of the company passwords analyzed by NordPass mention the company, the corporate email or the product it offers. That is to say, if the company is called, for example, X the password and it sells plants, the password is possibly Xplanta, plantaX, or some other variants. Which opens the door to easily discovering what the combination is.

Other of the usual choices are those that have to do with the season of the year plus the number of the year or the sporting events that will take place in the area.

It’s that easy to identify these huge security flaws that NordPass studied. Totally discouraged passwords are: those with the name of the company or the password word, the numeric ones of “123456”, the company emails, sporting events and those that include this year together with the season of the year. Plus any combination of these like company name plus 123 or company name plus 01.

Do not choose these passwords!

To understand how easy it is to access your account, the NordPass company produced a revealing table based on a large study where data from 30 countries was analyzed. In the case of the United States, these were the most popular words in 2022. Keep in mind, a hacker can decipher them in less than 1 second:


2. password


4. a1b2c3







11. baseball


13. soccer

14. jordan23

15. iloveyou

16. monkey


18. 1234567

19. 1q2w3e4r

20. 111111


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