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Emergency proclamations from states that have established longer-duration emergency orders.

State governors have issued emergency proclamations exempting fuel-carrying truckers from federal hours of service requirements to prevent shortages and safeguard the population from extreme weather conditions.

Below are the details of emergency proclamations from states that have established longer-duration emergency orders. Driver safety is paramount, so it is crucial to be informed about preventive measures adopted in each state during extreme weather alerts.


Truckers transporting emergency supplies, goods, and services are exempt from hours of service (HOS) regulations for 30 days starting January 14. Governor Kay Ivey has instructed state agencies to streamline procedures to facilitate the movement of equipment and supplies.


In Arkansas, commercial vehicles transporting heavy equipment, oversized loads, electrical equipment, and essential goods such as food, medical and pharmaceutical items, as well as livestock, are exempt from hours of service (HOS) regulations until January 26.

North Carolina

In North Carolina, the HOS exemption order extends until February 8. This applies to drivers transporting essential fuels, food, water, medical supplies, livestock feed, livestock, poultry, crops ready for harvest, and vehicles used to restore public and transportation services.

South Dakota

South Dakota’s HOS exemption remains in effect until February 11 for the transportation and delivery of residential heating fuels within the state. Governor Kristi Noem issued the order on January 12 due to extremely low inventories and fuel shortages, with uncertainties about the return of normal supply flows to fuel terminals in South Dakota.

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Governor Eric Holcomb of Indiana issued an emergency order suspending HOS regulations until January 25 for truckers transporting propane gas.


In Mississippi, Governor Tate Reeves exempted truckers from HOS regulations until January 30 for the transportation of fuel and other essential goods.


Nebraska issued an emergency order on January 12 exempting HOS regulations for drivers transporting fuel for residential heating and oils or fuels used for generating energy for residential heating within the state. The exemption is valid for 30 days, and drivers must carry a copy of the state’s declaration to demonstrate direct support to Nebraska during the emergency.

New York

In New York, an HOS exemption order was issued from January 12 to February 11 to facilitate road clearing and expedite power restoration operations in the state.


On January 13, the director of the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency declared a winter weather emergency and issued a regulatory relief order for fuel transportation under the authority granted by the governor. Until January 27, commercial motor vehicle operators supplying various fuels are exempt from complying with workplace safety and health standards.

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