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Preparing for serious incidents is crucial to maintaining control over personnel and the company.

In the road transportation industry, accidents are not uncommon for drivers and agencies. These situations are often stressful and require proper handling and management, both from the employee and the employer, as well as the involved parties. Having an up-to-date insurance policy is crucial, ensuring damage is minimized, knowing relevant contact numbers, and understanding how to react to such eventualities.

Recently, the transportation portal CCJ, in collaboration with Summit Risk Solutions and Links Consulting, shared a brief guide on how to handle accidents related to truck collisions. It is essential to understand what fleets should implement when a driver is involved in a collision.

En la imagen se muestra un camión tras un accidente

Support for truckers and employees

When a driver is involved in an accident, it is crucial for the employer to provide strong support and ensure they understand their rights and responsibilities. Additionally, if they were transporting hazardous materials, providing details to first responders is important.

Given the high tension of the moment, even the most prepared drivers may struggle to remember the proper protocols. Therefore, having simple procedures and an emergency response team available with just one call is essential.

Development of plans and policy implementation

To properly handle accident situations, more than just having a general policy is needed; detailed planning of roles and responsibilities within the team, as well as a clear action plan, are required. When crafting this plan, it is crucial to consider these key elements:

  1. Designate a primary point of contact for the driver, responsible for their well-being and guiding them through the process, including notifying their loved ones.
  2. Assign another team member to handle legal communications, with insurers and media if necessary.
  3. In smaller fleets, there may be one or two leaders responsible for these functions, but it is essential to clearly establish who does what.

To develop a comprehensive plan, it is advisable to seek advice from insurers, as they have experience in such situations and can ensure the plan is thorough. Preparing for serious incidents is crucial to maintaining control over personnel and the company.


En la imagen se muestra un camión nuevo

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