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Erroneous choices that led to professional failures in the U.S.

The year 2023 was marked by political, historical, and sociocultural events resulting from individuals wielding the power to make decisions affecting millions. Some of these figures not only exercised their decision-making capacity but made erroneous choices, leading to professional failures that marked the end of their careers.

These self-inflicted falls serve as fundamental lessons, highlighting the potential for comebacks and the valuable insights that failure can offer in the pursuit of success. Referencing Forbes’ annual list, we have compiled for our readers the most notable professional mistakes of the year.

Charlie Javice, Founder of Frank

In 2016, at the young age of 24, Charlie Javice founded Frank, a tech company facilitating students’ scholarship search through an online financial planning platform. JPMorgan Chase acquired the startup in 2021 for $175 million. However, in 2023, the bank filed a lawsuit, alleging Javice created an extensive list of fake clients, claiming to have 4 million customers instead of the actual 300,000.

In response, Javice counter-sued JPMorgan, asserting innocence and arguing insufficient document submission by the bank. The trial is scheduled for 2024.

Greg Becker, Former President and CEO of SVB Financial Group

Becker assumed the CEO position at Silicon Valley Bank in 2011. Four years later, during his testimony before the Senate Banking Committee in 2015, he asserted that mid-sized banks like his posed less systemic risk than larger institutions. However, in March 2023, the bank’s operations were abruptly halted when California banking regulators swiftly closed it, marking the largest bank failure since the financial crisis. After resigning in April, Becker attributed the bank’s collapse to various factors and individuals. However, when testifying before the Senate Banking Committee, he expressed regret for the collapse that triggered the worst banking crisis in the last 15 years.

En la imagen se observa la sede de Silicon Valley, un edificio blanco con ventanas, rodeado de árboles

Bob Menendez, U.S. Senator

In September of this year, the Senator faced federal corruption charges, accused of participating with his wife in a bribery scheme benefiting entrepreneurs in New Jersey and the Egyptian government.

Authorities searched his residence and safe, discovering $550,000 in hidden cash and over $100,000 in gold bars. Despite lacking support from fellow Democrats, who urged his resignation, Menendez stepped down from his leadership position in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee but maintains a defiant stance by declaring innocence.

Kenny Parcell, Former President of the National Association of Realtors

Multiple women reported harassment and inappropriate behavior by then-president of the National Association of Realtors, Kenny Parcell, through interviews, a lawsuit, and an internal report. Despite Parcell’s denials, his conduct was subject to investigation by The New York Times in August.

The inquiry included testimonies from nearly 30 employees and former executives who claimed that, despite prior reports of sexual harassment and retaliation, little had changed. Following specific allegations of misconduct, Parcell resigned and was replaced by Tracy Kasper, who expressed commitment to improving the workplace environment.

En la imagen se observan rascacielos desde una perspectiva hacia arriba

George Santos, Former U.S. Representative

Santos’ election to Congress in November was historic, making him the first openly gay congressman to win a general election. However, his career took a dark turn as Santos, currently facing 23 federal charges, was ousted on December 1, becoming the first congressman expelled without a criminal conviction. Subsequent revelations highlight additional lies, including false claims about his Jewish ancestry, work history, education, unemployment benefits fraud, misappropriation of GoFundMe funds, and other offenses, revealing a pattern of deceit in all aspects of his life. While Santos has admitted to some falsehoods, he denies committing crimes in response to the accusations.

Marc Tessier-Lavigne, Former President of Stanford University

A journalism student’s work at the Stanford Daily played a crucial role in the resignation of Stanford’s president, following information initially sparked in online discussions leading to an independent review of his scientific research. In July, Stanford announced the president’s resignation and retraction of several research papers. Although the independent review did not endorse the most serious fraud allegation, it identified significant flaws in some studies conducted by members of his laboratory.

En la imagen se observa un edificio de la Universidad de Stanford

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