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6 Hanukkah movies to enjoy on the road

En la imagen se observa un Menorah

A list of the best films for those far from home during the Festival of Lights During the holidays, those working in the transportation sector often find themselves far from their homes, celebrating with their families. One of the best ways to embrace the spirit of the season is by watching films with holiday themes. […]

Are truckers getting holiday bonuses?

En la imagen se muestra un alcancía de cerdo con orejas navideñas

How the lack of holiday bonuses for truckers could impact the economy Working during the holidays poses a heavier burden on certain sectors, with road freight transportation being one of the most affected. Although employers typically offer bonuses to workers during these times, many argue that these amounts do not adequately compensate for the additional […]

6 tips to enjoy the holidays on the road

En la imagen se observa una mujer sonriendo, por la ventana de un camión

For those truck drivers who have to be away from home during the holiday season During the December festivities, the most common longing for people is to celebrate in the company of their loved ones. However, for numerous truck drivers, this desire remains just that, a longing. These holidays represent one of the busiest work […]

Drive safe: how to stay safe behind the wheel during the holidays

Traffic and accidents are heavier during the holidays as people travel A recent report from Samsara, a specialized transportation technology company, outlines the hazards that drivers may face during the holiday season. While safety should always be a constant concern for truck drivers, it is crucial to implement additional measures during these festive periods to […]

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