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For those truck drivers who have to be away from home during the holiday season

During the December festivities, the most common longing for people is to celebrate in the company of their loved ones. However, for numerous truck drivers, this desire remains just that, a longing. These holidays represent one of the busiest work periods for the sector, forcing most truckers to spend these days away from home, working long hours, and missing the warmth of their families.

Being a trucker often means that family traditions cannot be maintained every year; nevertheless, it is always possible to create new ones. Engaging in this profession during the holidays can be challenging, so we share some activities that can make the celebrations more bearable for both truckers and their families.

1. Forget about dates

The official days to celebrate Christmas and New Year will be the same every year, that’s true. However, if your work schedule prevents you from being at home on those dates, nothing prevents you from celebrating a few days before or after. Start new traditions, gather with your family, and celebrate when you have time available. This way, even when you’re on the road, you’ll carry special memories with you.

En la imagen se observa una familia reunida en una mesa, brindando

2. Work as necessary

During the holidays, it’s common to seek extra trips. To have free days with family, it’s best to work as needed and plan rest days in advance. This way, everyone can organize themselves to celebrate in peace without being interrupted by work duties.

3. Celebrate with road companions

Another excellent alternative to maintain the festive spirit is to celebrate in the company of other truckers. Take some time to make everyone feel a little less lonely. Park at one of the rest areas designed to make truckers feel welcome. Loneliness is often associated with feelings of isolation, but everyone shares the experience of life on the road, even if they don’t know each other well.

4. Technology is always with you

Technology becomes one of the best allies for families during these times; use it to your advantage. There are various options to see your loved ones during the holidays through your mobile device. Prepare a delicious dinner to take with you, connect in a video call, and enjoy simultaneously with others. Although we understand that the feeling won’t be the same, it will be comforting to see them together even from a distance.

En la imagen se observa una familia en videollamada festejando Navidad

5. Bring the festivities with you

The work environment significantly influences our emotional state; a truck without Christmas spirit is unlikely to improve your mood. Decorate both the interior and exterior of your truck, fill it with festive atmosphere, listen to Christmas songs, wear your favorite Christmas sweater, and you’ll experience an uplift in your mood. Also, don’t hesitate to treat yourself to something special, like a good lunch or a stay in a hotel, as a Christmas gift to yourself.

En la imagen se observa un homre sonriendo con un suéter navideño

6. Share with those in need

During your travels, keep the festive spirit alive by doing something special for those in need. For example, you can make donations to food banks or thrift stores. Volunteer to transport loads of clothing or toys donations. You could also dedicate some of your free time to work as a volunteer in soup kitchens or shelters near truck stops. Providing assistance to those in need might be exactly what a lonely soul needs to boost their positivity.

While being on the road will never be as comforting as being at home during the holidays, these suggestions can help make the festivities more enjoyable if you find yourself behind the wheel. Being on the road during the holidays presents its own challenges, but truckers, being a resilient group, can face any situation.


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