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A list of the best films for those far from home during the Festival of Lights

During the holidays, those working in the transportation sector often find themselves far from their homes, celebrating with their families. One of the best ways to embrace the spirit of the season is by watching films with holiday themes. While Christmas movies dominate, there are those that incorporate the plot of Hanukkah, exploring themes related to the history, culture, and values of this festival.

The Jewish community is often underrepresented in holiday films, but that doesn’t mean there’s no content to enjoy during the Festival of Lights. If you’re a trucker and belong to this community, below are some movie recommendations to watch during Hanukkah during your breaks away from home.

Eight Crazy Nights

An animated adult Hanukkah musical comedy-drama starring Adam Sandler. In this film, Sandler’s character gets entangled in a legal mess that forces him to do community service as a youth basketball league referee. Through this work, he learns a valuable lesson. The movie represents aspects of the Jewish community and reflects on good and bad actions, making references to the eight days of Hanukkah.

An American Tail

The little mouse Fievel Mousekewitz and his family immigrate from Russia to the United States by boat after their home is destroyed by cats. While the story is not directly related to Hanukkah, in their journey through New York, Fievel largely represents the theme of Jewish migration and antisemitism.

En la imagen se observa a Fievel Mousekewitz, d la película "Un Cuento Americano"

Little Fockers

This sequel to Meet the Parents (2000) and Meet the Fockers (2004) provides a bit of comic relief for your Hanukkah nights. In this third plot, the family gathers to celebrate the holidays of this season. Although Hanukkah is not delved into much, it’s a good movie for some laughs.

All I Want is Christmas

The story of this film addresses the notion that Jewish children often feel excluded from the conventional magic of Christmas, as most of their friends celebrate this holiday. The protagonist, a Jewish child, on his journey to a sunny and disappointing Florida, aspires to fulfill his Christmas dreams by exchanging plane tickets with another child heading to a festive wonderland in Washington.

En la imagen se oberva un niño con sombrero navideño, protagonista de la película "Todo lo que Quiero es Navidad"

Menorah in the Middle

“Menorah in the Middle” features a somewhat predictable plot, typical of romance and holiday films. However, compared to many Hanukkah movies, the representation of Judaism is authentically portrayed. It tells a story of the challenges of bringing your partner to celebrate the holidays at your parents’ house, with a good touch of Jewish representation.

Double Holiday

A film in the characteristic style of the Hallmark Channel, but this time focused on Hanukkah. Although the plot incorporates elements of Christmas, it follows the story of a woman with a demanding career who, after receiving a promotion, sees it clash with her pre-established plans for Hanukkah. The boss asks her and her main rival for the promotion to collaborate on organizing the office Christmas party to demonstrate cooperation and flexibility.

En la imagen se observa una pareja, un niño y una mujer encendiendo un Menorah frente a un espejo

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