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Traffic and accidents are heavier during the holidays as people travel

A recent report from Samsara, a specialized transportation technology company, outlines the hazards that drivers may face during the holiday season. While safety should always be a constant concern for truck drivers, it is crucial to implement additional measures during these festive periods to reduce the risk of accidents.

The most common road risks during the holidays remain consistent each year: speeding, abrupt braking, and increased traffic. According to the National Safety Council, one of the most common causes of reckless driving is traffic congestion.

Experienced truckers warn that many drivers forget the fundamental difference between driving a truck and a car during these times, and impatience towards larger vehicles is common and can lead to accidents.

Driver distraction is another factor that truckers must consider during the holidays. According to a study by Cambridge Mobile Telematics, distractions while driving increase during these times. The study revealed that drivers spend approximately two minutes on the phone while driving on Thanksgiving, a behavior repeated during December festivities.

On the other hand, according to Samsara’s report, specific patterns were identified regarding the time of day when drivers tend to drive at higher speeds. Trips involving speeding incidents are more likely to occur in the morning, especially between 9 and 11, making speeding incidents less likely during nighttime travels.

How to stay safe while driving during the holidays?

It is essential for truck drivers to understand potential risks and take preventive measures to safeguard both their safety and that of others while driving during the holidays. To avoid accidents, the following information is shared:

1. The riskiest time for truckers on the road is the week before and after the holidays. During these weeks, speeding and distractions are more prevalent in drivers’ attitudes. Traveling at night is safer than during the day.

2. Due to distractions and speeding, abrupt braking increases during this period. It is advisable to always maintain a safe distance between surrounding vehicles to avoid possible collisions.

3. Traffic jams are a leading cause of accidents. It is necessary to stay calm and be patient; all drivers want to reach their destination. Avoiding lane changes, overtaking other vehicles, and respecting other drivers are necessary behaviors for safe driving.


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