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Truckers: “Shiny happy people?”

A survey determined that those who drive transport suffer a lot from unhappiness. Because? The main factors: salary and communication problems. Drive My Way conducted a survey to determine the level of happiness of those who drive trucks or transport in general. In a large comparison, which covered from 2019 to 2023, it was detected […]

Extreme adventure: The most dangerous routes traveled by truckers in the world

From Pakistan to Chile, from New Zealand to England. Paths for experts. There are truckers who are real super drivers of dangerous routes. Risky men and women who are even encouraged to carry complicated loads on roads full of curves, slopes, irregular and in weather conditions that, for a “normal” person, would lead them to […]

The A, B, C of workers’ compensation insurance and everything you need to know

What is covered and what is not? Who should have it? What if you are a sole proprietor or self-employed? And the volunteers? This insurance is essential for employees and business owners as it covers all medical expenses, part of the salary lost by the employee as a result of illness, rehabilitation and death. Thus, […]

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