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From Pakistan to Chile, from New Zealand to England. Paths for experts.

There are truckers who are real super drivers of dangerous routes. Risky men and women who are even encouraged to carry complicated loads on roads full of curves, slopes, irregular and in weather conditions that, for a “normal” person, would lead them to be inside the home.

They stop at nothing and watch their step when the barriers are low or when there is really no visibility. They are, for us, a kind of extreme truckers and they travel through different countries. Not only are they trained to be able to carry out these transports successfully, but they are also true talents behind the wheel.

What routes are we referring to? The English company, Stress Free Car Rental, drew up a list of those roads where the slightest mistake can cost your life. From Pakistan to Chile, from New Zealand to England. Paths for experts.

1. New Zealand: Skippers Canyon Road. If you have come this far, you should know that this route not only has sharp turns and steep slopes, but it is a 13,000-mile road that was made by hand in 1890. A mistake on this route can be fatal. So know that the views are amazing but the driver’s heart will be pounding.

2. In Chile, the path of the snails: Very close to the border between Argentina and Chile, on the Chilean side, is this route that has a height of 10,416 feet. It was created to safely go up and down the Andes Mountains, where the highest mountain in America known as Aconcagua (Argentine side) is located.

There are 29 impressive curves of different lengths that are regularly used by trucks and cars. But it is not the curves or the height that are the most risky in this place, rather the weather plays tricks on many of the vehicles.

Intense snowfalls force traffic to stop for days. Thus, truckers and truckers must wait long days at breaks until the passage between these two nations opens. Stranded in the mountains, they protect themselves as best they can from the cold and hunger. Ice and strong winds are other problems. However, none of this stops drivers. Last year, 1,600 trucks crossed this route per day. A detail in favor: the beauty of the landscape is majestic.

3. Snake Pass, England: The Snake Pass stretches for 36,039 miles in the so-called Peak district (part of a Derbyshire county national park).

As its name indicates, the road meanders through mountainous landscapes, curves, snow and ice. It is closed for more than two months a year due to climatic factors and displacements caused by the land.

4. Taiwan, the Taroko Gorge Road: It crosses the Taroko National Park and is a true work of natural art. Tunnels carved into the mountain merge with a dream landscape. But, it crosses too narrow sections that are further complicated by traffic, it can have a lot of fog, heavy rain and typhoons. For experts only!

5. Pakistan, the extreme Fairy Meadows Road: This “fairy” road has green meadows and dream views. It is located where the ninth highest mountain in the world called Nanga Parbat inhabits and connects Karakoram with the town of Tato.

This is a really winding and narrow very old dirt road. You can only enter when there is no rain or snow since bad weather conditions make it impassable. If that happens, vehicles must stop and people are forced to continue on foot.


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