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How industry leaders need to invest in new technology and educate drivers

The shortage of truck drivers in the United States is a problem that affects the global supply chain. This situation disrupts the transportation of goods and services, leading to a shortage of essential products in the market and impacting the national economy.

Leaders in the road transport sector have the responsibility to increase the number of qualified drivers. This involves providing safe and up-to-date spaces for the training of new professionals, as well as offering training in the use of new technologies. The lack of access to these technologies and adequate training jeopardizes the safety of drivers and other road users.

In a recent article, Kameel Gaines (Forbes, 2024) emphasizes the crucial need for industry leaders to implement measures to strengthen the sector’s workforce, ensuring optimal working conditions and road safety. How can this be achieved?

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Understanding trends and implementing technology

Industry leaders need to stay abreast of trends and regulatory changes to help truck drivers acquire the necessary skills for future success. Being informed allows companies to prepare adequately. Sector leaders must closely monitor the evolution of these regulations and adapt accordingly.

However, it is not enough to merely be aware of trends; action is also necessary. Driving schools and companies with outdated technology should consider adopting modern solutions, such as safety systems and route optimization software, to improve efficiency and safety.

Has technology been implemented? It’s time to teach it

Driving schools and transport companies must train truck drivers in the use of new technologies and keep their knowledge up to date through continuous training. It is essential to invest in drivers committed to learning and be prepared to let go of those who are not. In an ever-evolving sector, truck drivers must adapt to new technologies to ensure a lasting career.

In this way, leaders and truck drivers in the road transport sector must evolve and collaborate to ensure an adequate workforce and meet the demands of the global supply chain. When learning and teamwork are prioritized, beneficial solutions are found to maintain the flow of goods worldwide and stay informed about transportation sector updates.

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