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Profound transformations, social changes and innovation.

The planet Pluto entered the sign Aquarius on January 20 and began what many schools of astrology call: the Age of Aquarius. What is this? It is an astrological event that happens no less than every 248 years and that, each time it happens, generates radical changes in humanity.

It must be considered that Aquarius is the most avant-garde sign in the horoscope and that Pluto condenses all the revolutionary energy of the universe. And that this union lasts no less than 20 years.

This astrological explanation has a much more earthly explanation. It is enough to see the events that marked our history. The last time Pluto met Aquarius and formed an era was in the period from 1778 to 1798. A time when the United States ended the war of independence, France began with the famous revolution and also began the industrial revolution. Technology reached factories on a large scale and these leaps generated and inspired independence in Latin America.

Thus, the avant-garde and the break with the established of Aquarius and the great revolution and changes of Pluto were added. Therefore, for this new age, radical transformations are expected in everything known.

In the emotional sphere, metaphysicians indicate that the strong energy aims directly to transmit peace among the masses, love for others, nature and the planet in general.

A change is also expected in consumption and great power over the mind, originality and creativity. Much more acceptance of other people’s ways of life, innovation and advances in the world of science.

Age of Aquarius and 2024

To begin with, and as was already mentioned, it is an era of transformation, innovation and social changes. Renewable energies, biotechnology, robotics and artificial intelligence will be the fields that will benefit the most according to astrologers.

Thus, there will be many discoveries in this true technological revolution where work will definitely be remote. What do astrologers say about transportation? Autonomous trucks are coming with more power than ever.

Another prediction has to do with the possibility of finally connecting with life outside the planet.

The negative: there will be many problems with people’s privacy and the authenticity of the information. And great ethical and social dilemmas with the advancement of science. The truth is that the Age of Aquarius is here to stay, to tighten your belts for this new astrological journey.

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