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During long trips, it is essential to have tools that can be useful in any situation

Truck drivers spend a considerable amount of time on the road, and like any other driver, it’s essential to have tools that can be useful in case of minor emergencies. Determining which items to have on hand to ensure a smooth drive can be challenging. Therefore, we have compiled a list of essential tools for every truck driver, which can be of great help in any unforeseen situation during their travels.

Essential tools for every truck driver

Water jug

Water is an indispensable resource at all times. It’s crucial to have water jugs, both for drinking and for emergency situations. This will help you deal with various situations such as cooling the radiator, maintaining personal hygiene, and ensuring proper hydration. For fleet drivers, having a supply of clean water is considered an essential part of the mandatory equipment required for work.

Work gloves

Although mechanical work is not the driver’s responsibility, conducting inspections on the engine, exhaust, or tires can be dangerous. Wearing protective gloves will allow you to handle materials safely and prevent accidents such as burns or cuts, which could lead to a more serious emergency.

En la imagen se muestran unos guantes de seguridad


A handheld flashlight is useful for inspections in hard-to-reach places. Additionally, it is an essential tool for situations where you need to stop in dark areas or during the night.


The main function of the toolbox is to ensure that the tools are kept in a safe and accessible place. In addition to placing the tools listed here, we recommend adding the following:

  • Adjustable wrenches
  • Set of combination wrenches
  • Monkey wrench
  • Set of screwdrivers
  • Wire cutter
  • Hammer
En la imagen se muestra una caja de herramientas

Safety glasses

Like gloves, safety glasses protect your eyes in situations where you may handle parts of the truck that pose risks. Additionally, having sunglasses as a complement can be useful in bright conditions.

Tire tread depth gauge

A blown tire can become every truck driver’s nightmare. To prevent this risk, a tire tread depth gauge is an essential tool. Make sure to inspect the tire tread depth when stopping to refuel or during breaks. This will allow you to determine if you need to inflate the tires before starting your next journey.

En la imagen se muestra un profundímetro de neumáticos


This versatile tool will become an indispensable ally during your road trips with the truck. It’s useful for removing nails from the rear platform before loading the trailer, as well as for opening boxes and dismantling wooden pallets.

First aid kit

Emergencies not only affect the truck but also the driver. Stomach discomfort, headaches, scratches, or cuts are common situations during a truck driver’s travels. Therefore, it’s essential to have a first aid kit in the cabin, which will prevent inconveniences during your trips.

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En la imagen se muestra un camión nuevo

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