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The main goal is to identify existing barriers that may hinder female participation in this sector.

On January 3, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) initiated a new survey with the purpose of understanding the perspectives of women and men in the transportation industry. The main goal is to identify existing barriers that may hinder female participation in this sector.

This research aims to collect responses from both female and male drivers to identify and contrast the unique challenges faced by women already in the transportation industry or those seeking to enter it. Additionally, the study will address other challenges that truck drivers face, both during their training and on the road, including parking issues.

Rhonda Hartman, a trucker with Old Dominion Freight Line and captain of the America’s Road team of the American Trucking Associations, strongly encourages fellow drivers to take a few minutes to participate in the ATRI survey, allowing their collective voices to be heard. “Once again, ATRI is providing truckers with the opportunity to voice their opinions on critical research that will ultimately make our workplace better,” added Hartman.

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According to the 2023 Women in Trucking Index, women make up only 12.1% of professional truck drivers. Although this figure has increased significantly in recent years, more fleets are eager to tap into this potential pool of female drivers to establish greater gender diversity in the industry.

The ATRI Research Advisory Committee has deemed this investigation a priority to address both the labor shortage and specific safety issues faced by female drivers. The goal is to identify measures the industry can implement to increase female participation in truck driving.

The survey explores the perspectives and experiences of female drivers, including questions about the barriers and difficulties when considering a career as a truck driver, obtaining a CDL license, challenges faced on the road, and, in the case of those who no longer drive trucks, the reasons for leaving the industry.

Responses from current and former CDL holders are sought. Drivers can participate in the online survey until February 2. Participants will remain anonymous, and responses will only be reported in aggregate, non-identifiable group format. The survey can be accessed here.

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