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TransForce launches the "Barbies in Trucking" campaign

Over time, the role of women in the economic force has been growing. Although a complete balance has not yet been achieved, each advancement is considered a triumph. This year, the entertainment industry was led by women in various areas, with one of the major victories being the Barbie movie. Greta Gerwig presented an accessible vision of feminism on the big screen, inspiring thousands of women.

Barbie has been an icon for girls, young women, and adults worldwide since its launch in the 1950s. It has embraced professions traditionally considered for men, such as doctor, pilot, or astronaut, as well as police officer, firefighter, and train conductor. However, the role of a truck driver has not been explored.

Following the impact of the movie this year, a petition was initiated by TransForce, a driver recruitment company, launching the “Barbies in Trucking” campaign.

Danielle Bansch, national account manager for TransForce, said that they looked at ways to highlight the gender diversity gap that exists in the transportation industry. Ultimately the company was inspired by the movie Barbie and other significant moments for women this year. Branch says women in the industry currently carry the U.S. economy on their backs, starting with those in the transportation industry.

En la imagen se obersva un camión de color rosa

As per the 2023 Women in Trucking Index, only 12.1% of professional truck drivers are women. Despite a notable increase in this percentage in recent years, an increasing number of fleets are eager to leverage this potential reservoir of female drivers by promoting greater gender diversity within the industry.

TransForce’s vice president of revenue marketing, Kelly McGurk, highlights the importance of representation by stating that sending the message that girls have a place at the table and in the industry, whether as drivers or in other roles, is critical. Furthermore, she stresses that creating this space from a young age communicates to them that they can be part of the industry and consider it an integral part of their career path throughout their lives.

TransForce decided to address this gap, starting with the next generation of potential female truck drivers, especially young girls. With this petition, they seek to recognize women in this profession and show young girls that the trucking industry has a place for them too. As of today, the petition has now 1,040 signatures.


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