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Will we get to the moon? Space exploration in the U.S.

En la imagen se muestra la luna y el planeta Tierra

Intuitive Machines carried out an attempt to land on the Moon. A spacecraft built and operated by Intuitive Machines, based in Houston, attempted a lunar landing, representing the first American attempt in over half a century and the first solely by a private company. The lander robot, named Odysseus, departed from lunar orbit headed for […]

Top 10 most congested highways in the U.S.

En la imagen se muestra una congestión en autopista

ATRI published its annual list of the most congested highways, details here. The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) recently released its 13th annual list of the most congested highways, bottlenecks, for trucks in the United States. Prominent states included Chicago, Atlanta, and Houston, making multiple appearances. The list evaluates congestion at over 325 points on […]

The logistics of Valentine’s Day: transporting flowers for lovers

En la imagen se muestra un ramo de flores

It’s possible that the flowers in your hands have undertaken a long journey of thousands of kilometers through an intricate global supply chain. On Valentine’s Day, not only does love blossom. Flowers play a fundamental role in what this day represents, with millions of them being sent and received worldwide. Behind this romantic gesture, there […]

6 cargo vehicles with record recalls by NHTSA

En la imagen se muestra una camioneta Mercedes-Benz

According to information compiled from NHTSA, these are the six models with the most recalls in their cargo version. The automotive world is inherently imperfect, and that’s why the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) plays a crucial role in safeguarding drivers. Their responsibility includes conducting vehicle recalls when safety-compromising issues arise. The NHTSA maintains […]

Samsara vs. Motive: telematics tech battle

En la imagen se muestra la palabra "patente" bajo una lupa

Samsara contends that Motive closely monitored the company’s patented innovations and resorted to deceptive measures to replicate them. Samsara Inc., a mobile telematics provider, has filed a lawsuit against Motive Technologies Inc. for alleged patent infringement, accusing them of covertly stealing patented technologies over the years. The lawsuit, filed in a Delaware court, aims to […]

Berliet T100: Defying the Sahara Desert

En la imagen se muestra una captura del video oficial del Berliet T100

With the ability to transport up to 50 tons of cargo through the challenging sand dunes, the T100 stood out in the Sahara’s oil exploration. In the 1950s, France initiated oil exploration in the Sahara Desert, in what is now Algeria. Leading these expeditions, the need arose to create one of the most impressive vehicles […]

6 trucks of the past, which were ahead of the future

En la imagen se muestra el Steinwinter Supercargo 2040

Trucks with promising concepts that failed due to the impractical technology of their time. Ford Big Red, 1964 In the 1950s, the automotive industry witnessed significant expansion, driving the quest for efficient alternatives. In this context, turbine engines emerged as a potential environmentally friendly solution, contrasting with diesel trucks. Ford dedicated research to turbine engines, […]

Events for truckers you can’t miss in 2024

En la imagen se muestra un grupo de camiones

The best trucking events in the United States. Trucks are not only essential elements for the economy but also integral parts of history with fascinating adventures to tell. Annually, exhibitions, museums, tours, and other events dedicated to the trucking industry take place in various states across the country. With the new year beginning, it’s the […]

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