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6 fun facts about stop signs

En la imagen se muestra una señal de alto

Internationally recognized, these signs have some interesting facts that you may not know Stop signs are essential on global roadways due to their crucial role in traffic control and the protection of both drivers and pedestrians. Beyond their iconic red octagonal shape and the instruction to stop, these signs hold a fascinating history and lesser-known […]

6 truck stops you have to visit in the United States

Iowa 80: la parada de camiones más grande del mundo

These are the 6 most iconic truck stops in the United States. Do you know them? Traveling by road across the United States is an unparalleled experience. The scenery unfolding before you at every turn offers some of the country’s best views. However, in addition to natural landscapes, there are other must-see attractions along these […]

7 vehicular bridges that defy limits

Puente de las siete millas, Estados Unidos

Discover the world’s 7 most impressive vehicular bridges Traveling roads requires courage, as dangers are always present. But what happens when one must cross the world’s most terrifying bridges? Whether for thrill-seeking drivers or those who prefer to avoid it, the following list presents eight global bridges that could easily star in a nightmare. The […]

Average age in the transport sector, what do the figures say?

En la imagen se muestra un camionero mayor

The results of a survey revealed that no truck driver is younger than 34 years old Efforts to integrate young drivers into the trucking industry continue to be unsuccessful. According to a recent report from CCJ in collaboration with Lytx, the ages of truck drivers do not meet the current industry needs. Both in company-employed […]

7 facts you probably didn’t know about the U.S.

En la imagen se muestra la bandera de Estados Unidos

With the 4th of July fast approaching, it’s appropriate to highlight some of the quirks that make this country so special The United States is undoubtedly a unique place in many aspects. From its diverse landscapes and climates to the diversity of its population. Its history is also filled with facts and curiosities that distinguish […]

The 7 most dangerous highways in the U.S.

En la imagen se muestra la carretera de Atlanta

From Hawaii to Florida, here are the 7 most dangerous highways in the United States For many drivers, navigating long highways can be relaxing and seem adventurous; however, in the United States, there are some roads that are quite the opposite. The United States has a high road mortality rate, reflecting not only drivers’ behavior […]

A historical look at hydrogen engines

En la imagen se muestra una estación de carga de hidrógeno

Today, the automotive industry is experiencing a resurgence of interest in hydrogen fuel cells Since the early days of horse-drawn carriage engines, with François Isaac de Rivaz’s pioneering design in 1808, hydrogen has played a crucial role in the evolution of the automotive industry. Though overshadowed for decades by other fuels like petroleum and electricity, […]

6 trucking companies with competitive salaries

En la imagen se muestra un camionero feliz

Learn about the trucking companies in the United States that offer the best compensation to their employees In an effort to ensure that truckers are aware of the best options for employment, Anderson Trucking Service (ATS) has compiled a list of the highest-paying trucking companies in the industry today. The companies that stand out on […]

Differences between American and European trucks: why are they so unlike?

En la imagen se muestra un camión

If you’ve ever wondered about the differences between trucks in the United States and those in Europe, the answer can be summarized in four main reasons The design of trucks varies considerably between the United States and Europe, and these differences go beyond mere aesthetics. In North America, large trucks cater to factors such as […]

6 habits for a healthy diesel engine

En la imagen se muestra un camión con el motor expuesto

Whether due to lack of time, knowledge or other factors, some practices can reduce the life of a diesel engine. Learn how to improve these habits Despite the durability offered by diesel engines in trucks, it’s essential to follow a careful maintenance routine to ensure their longevity. In addition to regular visits to the mechanic, […]

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