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Truckers: “Shiny happy people?”

A survey determined that those who drive transport suffer a lot from unhappiness. Because? The main factors: salary and communication problems. Drive My Way conducted a survey to determine the level of happiness of those who drive trucks or transport in general. In a large comparison, which covered from 2019 to 2023, it was detected […]

New loading port for heavy trucks announced in Long Beach

This depot will be capable of providing high-speed loading infrastructure for hundreds of trucks daily. Forum Mobility, a freight and freight transportation electrification provider, announced that it plans to build a new freight depot for heavy trucks to be located in Long Beach. This depot will be able to provide high-speed charging infrastructure for hundreds […]

Strong warning: FMCSA tightens regulations on drug use by truck drivers

By the end of next year, truck drivers who test positive for drug use will remain in a “prohibited” status and will lose their commercial driving licenses. On November 28, a statement was issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), stating that a driver with a violation of the drug and alcohol program […]

October saw the fifth loss of the year in U.S. freight industry jobs

The downward trend is anticipated to continue through 2024. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that freight transportation employment posted its fifth loss of the year last October, leading to a decline of more than 30,000 jobs from its peak. It is estimated that the sector will continue to move towards an annual decline. In […]

Tesla won the first trial against an autopilot for a fatal accident

For almost a month the evidence and demands were presented. And a jury found Musk’s company innocent. A jury determined that the crash that killed a driver in California four years ago was not generated by Autopilot. Thus, Tesla Inc. achieved a new feat, in this case legal, and vindicated its system based on driver […]

After the fall of Yellow, Convoy closes its doors

Another industry giant collapses. Convoy is keeping its doors closed as Yellow seeks to pull off the largest transportation industry auction ever created. Another of the industry giants is facing a difficult time for the company and its employees. This is Convoy Inc., a company that is valued at $3.8 billion and last year raised more […]

Diesel price decline continues

For the fourth week the value of this fuel drops. Gasoline does it even more. The price of diesel continues to fall and now fell to 5.4 cents per gallon to reach $4.444, according to the latest data published by the country’s Energy Information Administration. The decrease in price is part of a decline that has […]

Harvest season: Iowa extended its limit on overweight loads for trucks

It is valid until November 11 and applies to the state’s roads. Kim Reynolds, the state’s governor, extended Iowa’s overweight load limit until Nov. 11 in an attempt to help grain transportation and general crop transportation. The regulations apply to everyone who moves soybeans, hay, straw, corn, forage, fertilizers, silage and manure. The exemption allows […]

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