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For almost a month the evidence and demands were presented. And a jury found Musk's company innocent.

A jury determined that the crash that killed a driver in California four years ago was not generated by Autopilot. Thus, Tesla Inc. achieved a new feat, in this case legal, and vindicated its system based on driver assistance.

It was on October 31 when the jury in a state court in Riverside determined that Tesla was innocent of the lawsuit that blamed Autopilot. One person died in the accident and two were seriously injured. The survivors asked for $400 million in compensation for the physical damages and loss of life of the driver.

Elon Musk’s company managed to win this legal battle, but it faces many more. There are federal investigations that target Tesla Inc. for 17 deaths that occurred in 2021. Regulatory investigations are also being carried out. The new trials will take place in Florida and California.

The story began in 2019 and in California when Micah Lee left the highway with his Model 3 and hit a tree. As a result of the impact, the vehicle burst into flames. Lawyers for those who survived said it was a defect in the autopilot that caused Lee’s car to go off the road. However, Tesla relied on the hypothesis that the driver had been drinking before the crash.

Model 3 by Tesla.

After four long days of arduous deliberations, the 12 jurors returned their verdict. Tesla emerged unscathed from the lawsuit. “We know that the only way this car is turning 43 degrees right now is if Mr. Lee or someone else in that car played a role in turning the steering wheel,” said Michael Carey, the attorney who represented the company. .

A woman in Los Angeles earlier accused Autopilot in the first non-fatal lawsuit the company faced. It happened earlier this year. This driver claimed that the system caused her Model S to veer into the middle of a highway. In this case, too, Tesla Inc. obtained a ruling in her fav


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