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The downward trend is anticipated to continue through 2024.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that freight transportation employment posted its fifth loss of the year last October, leading to a decline of more than 30,000 jobs from its peak. It is estimated that the sector will continue to move towards an annual decline.

In October of this year, the most recent decrease was reported with a loss of 5,000 jobs, a smaller figure compared to the falls observed in July and August, after the disappearance of Yellow Corp, which brought with it a loss of more than 30,000 jobs. . This marks the fifth job decline in the freight transportation sector this year. Since the start of the pandemic, they had only been reduced twice before: in April 2021 with less than 12,900 jobs and in November 2022 with approximately 37,100.

It is relevant to mention that labor costs decreased in the truck cargo transportation sector. Hourly earnings for all employees fell to $30.49 in September, representing a decrease of 19 cents per hour, according to data recorded in the Bureau of Labor Statistics report.

Economists caution that the unadjusted numbers should not be overlooked. According to a report by David Spencer, vice president of market intelligence at Arrive Logistics, these numbers indicate that some transportation companies dedicated to supporting peak seasons may have fallen back this year compared to previous years.

He also noted that he anticipates the downward trend will continue until 2024, as large numbers of drivers entered the industry when it was at a high point in the market, and that balance must be restored in the freight sector. 


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