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Trucker’s experience: the 7 best scenic routes in America

According to truck drivers, these are the most scenic drives in the U.S. For those who spend their days driving back and forth from state to state, finding beauty in the mundane is a must. Whether you’re traveling along the California coastline, amidst the autumn foliage in the Northeast, or anywhere in between, some of […]

More robots than humans: UPS presented how Velocity, its new warehouse, will work

At New UPS Warehouse, Robots Will Outnumber People 15 to 1. UPS Inc. just opened its newest and largest warehouse, UPS Supply Chain Solutions Velocity, a 20-acre facility located outside of Louisville, Kentucky. In addition to the size, there is another peculiarity in this new facility: most of the workers will be robots. The large parcel […]

Trucking news in Washington, California and Colorado

Updates to laws and programs for drivers in different states. Washington and California: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration seeks waiver requests on rest rules decision. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced last August that it is actively seeking to receive requests for exemptions from its previous decision to rescind break rules in California […]

Hacked and trailers: a demonstration made clear how vulnerable they are

The National Freight Vehicle Traffic Association organized a demonstration to prioritize the protection of tractor-trailer systems. On October 24, the National Freight Vehicle Traffic Association (NMFTA) organized a wireless hacking demonstration to exemplify how someone could take advantage of the vulnerabilities of cargo trailers and trailers. At its Cybersecurity Digital Solutions Conference, NMFTA provided a […]

October saw the fifth loss of the year in U.S. freight industry jobs

The downward trend is anticipated to continue through 2024. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that freight transportation employment posted its fifth loss of the year last October, leading to a decline of more than 30,000 jobs from its peak. It is estimated that the sector will continue to move towards an annual decline. In […]

Tesla won the first trial against an autopilot for a fatal accident

For almost a month the evidence and demands were presented. And a jury found Musk’s company innocent. A jury determined that the crash that killed a driver in California four years ago was not generated by Autopilot. Thus, Tesla Inc. achieved a new feat, in this case legal, and vindicated its system based on driver […]

After the fall of Yellow, Convoy closes its doors

Another industry giant collapses. Convoy is keeping its doors closed as Yellow seeks to pull off the largest transportation industry auction ever created. Another of the industry giants is facing a difficult time for the company and its employees. This is Convoy Inc., a company that is valued at $3.8 billion and last year raised more […]

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