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Adversities in the U.S. freight industry

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The United States is in a better position to address the challenges arising from the situation in the Red Sea, according to experts. The freight sector in the United States is in better condition, according to experts, to address the challenges arising from the situation in the Red Sea, thanks to efforts to improve capacity […]

California faces legal battle over new emission laws

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California’s new emission laws have prompted a lawsuit against the state. California’s new emission laws, which require both in-state and out-of-state companies to report on their supply chain emissions and mitigation efforts, have prompted a lawsuit against the state. This lawsuit was filed by the United States Chamber of Commerce, the American Farm Bureau Federation, […]

States Challenge FHWA’s Emission Performance Measures

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States argue that they lack the necessary authority to assess such emissions. Performance measures related to emissions continue to generate debate, controversy, and legal conflicts with the Biden administration. A few months ago, it was revealed that several states were preparing a lawsuit to challenge the established provisions. Both state transportation departments and metropolitan planning […]

Safety, Retention, and Transparency in US Road Transportation

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Ramaswamy’s vision for the trucking industry Vivek Ramaswamy, Republican presidential candidate, unveiled his road transportation platform at Iowa 80 on the evening of December 21. At the renowned “World’s Largest Truck Stop,” Ramaswamy shared his insights on the current state of the trucking industry in the United States, which represents an economic movement of $875 […]

Winter driving wisdom: tips for safe trucking

Drive safely in extreme weather conditions, with these brief tips During winter, roads become hazardous. In states where snow and rain are abundant, it is necessary to drive with extra caution to avoid accidents. Even if you, as a truck driver, have the necessary experience to make good decisions and know when conditions are unsafe, […]

The A, B, C of workers’ compensation insurance and everything you need to know

What is covered and what is not? Who should have it? What if you are a sole proprietor or self-employed? And the volunteers? This insurance is essential for employees and business owners as it covers all medical expenses, part of the salary lost by the employee as a result of illness, rehabilitation and death. Thus, […]

Cyberspace pirates: the most insecure passwords of truckers

123456? The name of the year? Favorite sporting event? The name of the company? If your answer is yes, you are in trouble. The gateway to everything. This is how passwords could be defined today. Access to cards, the bank, love life, social, among many more. Hackers and big data corporations accumulate power while the […]

Great Works of Engineering: The Story of the Florida Elevated Freeway

Built on huge stilts and strong bridges, it boasts a history worthy of Hollywood. Is it possible to take a tour in a vehicle alongside the dolphins and marine life? Yes. Florida’s Overseas Highway spans 44 islands in the southern tip of the United States, has 42 bridges, and is supported by huge stilts that […]

3 million to fix Philadelphia’s I-95

It collapsed when a tanker truck crashed and then exploded. The accident involving a tanker truck caused I-95 to collapse in one of the most important sectors. To expedite this repair and reconnect traffic in the north-south sector, the US Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) made available an emergency fund of $3 million […]

Record: Cost of Truck-Powered Transportation Exceeded $2 per Mile

2022 became the most expensive year to operate in the trucking industry. The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) presented the annual report where the operating costs of road transport are analyzed. The report detailed that the expenses of this industry reached a record high. The cost of this transportation thus rose to $2,251 per mile […]

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