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Two orders change the transport rules temporarily and seek to assist the emergency after the passage of Idalia.

Two new waiver orders were issued in Florida prior to Idalia’s passage through the state. They were generated for commercial motorized vehicles that will help transit the emergency in which the area where thousands of people had to evacuate is located.

In Florida, restrictions related to the size and weight of vehicles and hours of service requirements have been lifted. Four more states joined in and filed their exemption orders as well yesterday (August 29). These are South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, and North Carolina. It should be noted that Hurricane Idalia, now a tropical storm, continued on its way to Georgia.

In Keaton Beach, Idalia made landfall as a Category 3 hurricane with sustained winds of nearly 124 mph. It caused a historic storm surge on the Steinhatchee River, raising the water level to a record height in areas from Tampa to the Big Bend.

Florida's emergency orders after the passage of Idalia

With the damage and the situation, trucks and the transport industry become essential in the area. For this reason, on August 28, the Florida Department of Transportation opened all the lanes in the construction zones near the most complicated points with the Idalia trajectory in order to improve traffic.

The first Florida Order 23-171 is in effect until October 25 and changes the rules for emergency-related transportation. Suspends registration requirements for motor vehicles entering the State to provide assistance, transport equipment, personnel, or transport mobile homes.

Waives weight and size restrictions and hour of service requirements for all transportation carrying equipment, services, emergency agricultural products, and supplies. License and registration requirements under the International Agreement on Fuel Taxes registered in other jurisdictions and that help the emergency are also suspended.

Additionally, all drivers transporting essential items for the public will be allowed to travel in evacuated areas if permitted by state emergency officials.

Added to this order is Florida Motor Vehicle and Highway Safety Order No. 082623. It is valid until the 25th of the month that begins and declares an emergency in many counties. Hours of service requirements for drivers providing assistance during the emergency are also waived here. And the registration requirements for commercial vehicles entering Florida are released.

It should be noted that this exemption ends when the truck is used for trade. And it only applies for direct aid to the emergency that is transiting.

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