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It is valid until November 11 and applies to the state's roads.

Kim Reynolds, the state’s governor, extended Iowa’s overweight load limit until Nov. 11 in an attempt to help grain transportation and general crop transportation. The regulations apply to everyone who moves soybeans, hay, straw, corn, forage, fertilizers, silage and manure.

The exemption allows people to be overweight less than 90 thousand pounds (gross weight). These #trucks can operate without a permit while the regulations are in effect. In this regard, state Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig stated: “Harvest is in full swing. Warmer temperatures and mostly dry conditions across the state allowed for significant progress in harvest last week.”

In a report, Naig detailed that corn reached maturity 8 days earlier than last year and that the soybean harvest exceeded 50%, which makes it imperative that agricultural transport can transport the grains.

Where can you drive with this excess weight? 

Within Iowa highways. Interstates are excluded. Additionally, vehicles operating under the proclamation must comply with posted weight limits on roads and bridges.

“The Iowa Department of Public Safety is hereby directed to monitor the operation of this proclamation to ensure the safety of the public and facilitate the movement of trucks involved in our state’s planting season,” the directive states.

On its social networks, IOWA DOT also asked the general population to be patient with agricultural transportation on the state’s routes. “The fall harvest is in full swing, so if you see one of these on the road, give it plenty of room. The farmer will likely stop and let you pass as soon as possible, but be patient while they work to bring in the crops as food and fuel,” it is detailed.


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