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Tesla has recently lowered the estimated range for variants of its X, S, Y, and 3 models.

Tesla has reduced the estimated range of its electric vehicles in response to new government regulations in the United States. The company has previously been criticized for providing inflated figures, leading to customer complaints and drawing the attention of automotive testing experts. As a result, Tesla has recently lowered the estimated range for variants of its X, S, Y, and 3 models.

The EPA has established emission standards for motor vehicles and non-road equipment, with testing procedures specified in the Code of Federal Regulations. These standards require automakers to assess the range and efficiency of electric vehicles in their default driving mode. This affects modern cars like Tesla, which offer various driving modes to adjust efficiency or power.

In cases where vehicles lack a default driving mode, the EPA mandates manufacturers to conduct tests in their best and worst driving modes to establish efficiency and average results. Tesla offers driving modes ranging from “Chill” to enhance efficiency and range to “Drag Strip Mode” in high-performance models to boost acceleration. In the Model Y user manual, Tesla advises drivers to consider using the “Chill” mode.

En la imagen se muestra un vehículo blanco de la marca Tesla, en una estación de recarga.

Tesla has adjusted the range estimates of its vehicles, with subtle changes such as the Model X Plaid going from 333 to 326 miles and more significant modifications like the reduction of the Model S Plaid from 396 to 359 miles. Tesla’s website now estimates the range of the Model Y Long Range at 310 miles, while the EPA still lists it at 330 miles.

Furthermore, Tesla has lowered the range estimate for the high-performance variant of the Model Y, a crossover SUV, from 303 to 285 miles. These adjustments reflect the company’s response to new regulations and emphasize the importance of accurate measurements in the electric vehicle industry.

This shift, though sparking some controversy, underscores the need for realistic measurements reflecting actual vehicle performance in everyday conditions. As technology advances and stricter standards are established, consumers can anticipate greater reliability in the figures provided by manufacturers, contributing to more informed decision-making in the adoption of electric vehicles.

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