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The EPA took enforcement actions under the Clean Air Act against Capurro Trucking and Republic Services

Capurro Trucking and Republic Services, two interstate companies operating heavy truck fleets in California, have reached a legal settlement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) after being accused of violating California legislation.

The accusations include the failure to install air pollution controls, neglecting to update engines according to model year, and not verifying that their trucks complied with state standards. The EPA took enforcement actions under the Clean Air Act against Capurro Trucking and Republic Services.

Capurro Trucking, based in northern Nevada, is one of the major trucking companies in the state with a fleet of over 100 trucks and 300 trailers. Republic Services, headquartered in Phoenix, is an environmental services company with 13 million customers, 17,000 trucks, and over 1,000 facilities in North America.

In a statement released on December 11, the EPA announced that Capurro Trucking paid a civil penalty of $119,162, while Republic Services paid a civil penalty of $100,000 to resolve the respective claims of violations against the companies.

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Martha Guzmán, EPA administrator for the southwest Pacific region, emphasized that holding companies accountable is crucial to protect the environment and public health, especially in californian communities affected by diesel truck pollution. She underscored the importance of national truck fleets complying with California’s regulations to address the hazardous air pollution from these vehicles.

The EPA noted that 625,000 trucks are registered outside the state but operate in California, subjecting them to the regulations on trucks and buses set by the California Air Resources Board.

Under California regulations, transport companies are required to update their vehicles to meet specific standards for nitrogen oxide and particle emissions, as well as verify the compliance of rented or dispatched vehicles. Starting this year, it was mandated that all vehicles subject to these regulations and operating in California must have engines from the 2010 model year or equivalent in emissions.


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