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He would require such powerful power and the consumption of so much fuel that the trip would be extremely expensive to begin with.

Have you ever wondered what Santa would actually have to do to reach all the children’s homes in the world? How fast should the famous sleigh travel to deliver so many gifts on time? A group of physics students from the University of Leicester did the math. In order to achieve such a feat, Santa Claus would have to maintain a constant rhythm based on the speed of light of 0.5%. That is, 6,213,711 miles per hour or 10 million kilometers in 60 minutes.

Would that be possible for someone trained by matter? Dr. Katy Sheen, a physicist at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom, used Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity to also analyze speed and explain that, for the moment, children will never be able to see Santa. in the same night.

The calculation is based on 700 million children who inhabit the world in all the countries on Earth that must be visited within a period of 31 hours (if the changes in time zones that exist on the different continents are taken into account).

The speed to which the beloved character would be subjected would be so immense that it would change his color, to begin with. This is called the Doppler effect and it transforms the hue of light waves bouncing at such high speeds from red to green (almost like the Grinch). But there is much more, Santa would disappear.

En la foto se ve a Santa con su trineo y sus renos.

“Some strange things happen when someone starts traveling so fast. First, time would slow down. Second, Santa Claus would get crushed, which means he can fit into a chimney more easily,” the physicist clarified with amusement.

At the end, Sheen concluded with a second theory: “For Santa to be able to fly so fast, it takes a lot of energy. How does he manage to reach those phenomenal speeds? Well, that’s magic, but it would certainly need a lot of fuel.”

But there is something that Santa has achieved. Without much speed or fuel he has been able to travel through the centuries, in the cultural ideology of an entire planet. And, closer in time, it has managed to move through a global network that connects the planet with underground cables and satellites: the Internet.

En la imagen se muestra una señal de alto

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