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What procedures must be carried out? We tell you.

In the “ocean” of permits and procedures, many get lost and shipwrecked. Something that costs owners and operators too dearly when it comes to paying fines, among other penalties. That is why it is essential to remember the time limits. As of October 1, three important renovations are underway. These are the UCR, IFTA and the weight/distance permit required in five states. One by one:


This annual permit is required for carriers who have an active DOT number in the United States, which is also marked as interstate. And it is independent of the DOT.

In every state law enforcement forces demand and enforce it. Those not participating at the moment are: Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Vermont, Wyoming and Washington DC.

From October 1 to December 31, the deadline to pay it opens. To calculate costs you have to analyze the number of trucks that are operated.


The International Agreement on Fuel Taxes changes depending on the state where you are located. There are some that perform automatic renewals and others where more prior work is required. In most states, renewal runs from October 1 to December 31. It is essential not to forget it since on December 31, truckers and drivers must show their new sticker.

Weight/distance permits

They are required in five states. Connecticut, Kentucky, New Mexico, New York, Kentucky and Oregon require carriers to pay these rates, which are based on the number of miles traveled in the state.

In order to be current and up to date, these large sections traveled must be calculated and registered annually. For this year, the required renewal covers New Mexico.

In Connecticut, Kentucky and Oregon, mileage/diesel (fuel) reporting is required. And in the case of New York, the permit is renewed every 3 years, this year there are no renewals in that state where it would already be for 2024.

Thus, those who transit New Mexico must complete the process to have their permit up to date. Renewal opens on October 1 and is also valid until December 31.

It is essential to be aware of electronic fraud and always seek help from experts.


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