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Hilary left extensive damage in the state. Now the Federal Highway Administration has launched a reconstruction plan

Hilary’s time across the state left a lot of damage. For this reason, the Federal Highway Administration released $15.3 million in relief funds to address the emergency.

This tropical storm hit hard on August 18 and was so intense that Governor Gavin Newsom filed an emergency declaration that went into effect for a month.

Emergency funds are “quick release” allowing roads, parking areas and more infrastructure to be repaired immediately. Whitney Portal Road, which provides access to Mount Whitney, Mount Whitney Trailhead and Alabama Hills, among other points, can thus be recomposed.

In a press release Pete Buttigieg, the US Secretary of Transportation, reported: “As California continues to rebuild after Tropical Storm Hilary, these emergency funds will help repair roads and bridges in 12 counties, restoring access to key attractions that support the local community and economy.”

“On August 18, 2023, Tropical Storm Hilary caused heavy rain, flooding, lightning, and wind gusts, along with mud and debris flows, affecting 12 counties. The storm caused damage and forced the closure of roads and highways with federal assistance in the affected counties,” the Administration noted in a letter.


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