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What are the methods to steal loads? What do thieves choose to appropriate? Everything you should know.

The insecurity on the routes does not stop. A CargoNet study determined that in the second quarter of 2023, thefts in the United States and Canada climbed to 582. This is 57 percent more than in the same period of 2022. The strategy that abounds? Shipment diversions where thieves use false identities of carriers and logistics brokers to send cargo directly into your hands.

The same company determined that the stolen cost is considerable and has already reached $44 million in just six months. These thieves look for the merchandise that has the most value.

What happens in the states? In California, Texas, Florida and Illinois, thefts of transport loaded with full trailers prevailed. The same thing happened in New York and Philadelphia, according to a press release from CargoNet.

Among the areas considered most dangerous is the I-40 corridor through Arizona, California and New Mexico. “We also recognize significant growth in extortion and theft through conversion schemes, particularly from organized groups in Illinois and California. These groups focus on sourcing shipments from logistics brokers, adding additional and often exorbitant fees for various fabricated reasons, such as overweight tickets or penalties from previous fees charged to unaffiliated carriers. The application of criminal sanctions in these cases is complex and rare, which has emboldened organized groups,” details this company, an expert in cargo theft.

Another point for transporters to take into account: a large part of the thefts occur first in distribution centers and second in parking lots.

Diverted loads

In these same six months, 127 collections were false or fictitious. And they occurred, first of all, in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. These thieves, who divert shipments directly into their hands, stole 39 types of products.

The most searched were: alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, specifically soft drinks and energy drinks, solar energy generation equipment and automotive supplies including auto parts, fluids, oils and tires.


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