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Briefs: legislation, repairs and alert systems

En la imagen se muestra vehículos conduciendo en carretera

Iowa and Illinois on new damage compensation legislation, Oregon on charging station repairs and Ohio on alert systems to prevent accidents. Iowa and Illinois: proposals for legislation on compensation for heavy truck damages Iowa and Illinois are examining legislation that will revise current regulations on compensation for damages related to accidents involving heavy trucks. In […]

California faces legal battle over new emission laws

En la imagen se muestra la bandera de California

California’s new emission laws have prompted a lawsuit against the state. California’s new emission laws, which require both in-state and out-of-state companies to report on their supply chain emissions and mitigation efforts, have prompted a lawsuit against the state. This lawsuit was filed by the United States Chamber of Commerce, the American Farm Bureau Federation, […]

California weather crisis: storms and relief efforts

En la imagen se muestra una tormenta en la ciudad de Los Angeles

California has been battered by a series of intense storms during the early weeks of February. California has been battered by a series of intense storms during the early weeks of February. These weather events have caused disasters such as floods, power outages, landslides, and structural collapses. It is expected that the storms will leave […]

Nevada says yes to sustainable fuels: biofuel refinery coming soon

En la imagen se muestra una refinería ficticia de biocombustibles

Edgewood Renewables receives an incentive to establish a biofuels refinery in North Las Vegas. Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo approved a $11.7 million tax reduction for Edgewood Renewables as an incentive for establishing a biofuel refinery. This project, endorsed by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, was announced on January 25 by Lombardo in collaboration with […]

Severe storm and possible flooding in the state of California

Authorities issue evacuation warnings for severe storms on the west coast. The storm known as “Pineapple Express,“ originating from Hawaii in the tropical Pacific, has swept over the West Coast of the United States, causing torrential rains and strong winds, with a potential threat of flash floods and landslides. Rain began on Thursday morning and […]

Choosing between new and used trucks for your business

En la imagen se muestran unas manos intercambiando una llave de un camión

Buying new vs. used trucks, a quick guide to make the right choice. Acquiring a used truck can be the ideal solution for companies with tight budgets. According to the Truck Purchase and Lease Survey published by Overdrive.com, approximately 60% of owner-operators acquire Class 8 trucks that are second-hand. However, opting for a used truck […]

$623 million investment in electric vehicle infrastructure

En la imagen se muestran vehículos eléctricos siendo recargados

These grants will support 47 charging stations and related projects in 22 states and Puerto Rico. The Biden administration will allocate $623 million in grants to boost the construction of a national electric vehicle charging network. Announced on January 11, these grants will support 47 charging stations and related projects in 22 states and Puerto […]

Navigating the Storm: Expert Insights into Freight and Trucking Fraud

By Bob Dilliplaine In the dynamic world of freight and trucking, the current economic climate has ushered in a challenging era marked by a significant rise in fraudulent activities. As an industry expert with years of experience, I’m here to guide you through these turbulent times, offering crucial insights and strategies to safeguard your business […]

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