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Did you know that there is a policy that protects you in case you conceive an alien? Or that those abandoned at the altar have a backup?

There are insurance agencies in the world and in the United States that are, to say the least, strange. Some fit into the most complex minds, but, surprisingly, all of them generate sales (even if they are not massive). Which are? Here the top five:

Alien abduction insurance 

Aliens have been part of the cultural ideology for hundreds of years. There is talk of a contribution from these beings in moments such as the construction of the Egyptian pyramids. There is so much history and experiences to mention that it would be impossible to summarize it.

The insurance industry echoed these experiences and at one point created alien abduction insurance. It provides coverage in the United States and, according to various media reports, the agency managed to sell 9 thousand policies until 2009. A number that rose to 22 thousand.

The most curious thing of all is that the Florida company had to pay for two claims. This policy provides $10 million in coverage for psychiatric care, outpatient care, double identity coverage, and sarcasm coverage. The insurance also covers pregnancy caused by an alien.

But there’s more, another agency in England called Grip had sold 37,000 policies until the year 2000 against this same problem, The Daily Telegraph reported.

“I see dead people” 

A strange insurance, but necessary for some, is that it covers people against ghosts, spells and witchcraft. The person requesting this type of coverage must take into account a fundamental fact: proving the incident or the episode with the “beyond” can be quite difficult and cumbersome.

Dying with laughter 

A film company feared that its creations were so funny that they would lead to the death of a person. To cover themselves, they hired the Lloyd’s agency and asked them for exactly this. Insurance to protect them if a spectator suddenly died from having too much fun.

Groom/girlfriend wanted… 

Wedding insurance is nothing new. Weather effects and much more can harm that day so prepared, produced and dreamed of.

However, there is insurance that draws powerful attention and covers “sentimental change.” What would this be? Nothing more and nothing less than when the bride or groom regrets getting married at the moment of going to the altar or in the hours before. Basically when someone is left standing at the altar. The policy covers expenses, one of them is psychological therapy sessions.

Superpowers and the importance of the body

Those known as superpowers focus more on the world of athletes. Personalities such as Leo Messi who insured his legs for 50 million euros, Cristiano Ronaldo who pays the same policy, but for 100 million euros or Fernando Alonso, Formula 1 driver, who insured his thumbs for 10 million, are just some of the examples.

But they are not the only ones. In the world of fame and glamor there are many insurance policies dedicated to the body. Angelina Jolie’s lips ($1 million), Julia Roberts’ smile ($28 million) or the entire body of Daniel Craig and David Beckham. When it comes to working with so much exposure, it’s better to be forewarned.

There is one last insurance that draws attention within this group and it is the tongue of Gene Simmons, from Kiss, which was insured for 1 million dollars.

At Saint George Insurance Brokerage Inc we do not offer this type of coverage, but we are leaders in commercial vehicle, business property, truck and fleet insurance (we clarify: UFO fleets are not included).


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